Brief Steps for Downloading of Conso file

♠ Conso file is a consolidated data of the TDS / TCS  statements that are processed (regular and correction) for the relevant financial year, quarter and the form type

Please check statement status under “Statement /Payment Tab” before raising the request for Conso file . Request for Downloading Conso file can only be Submitted when Statement Status is either Statement Processed with Default or Statement Processed with out Default

Financial Year, Form type and Quarter for which KYC required will be auto populated. Enter Token Number of the Regular (Original) Statement only, corresponding to the Financial Year, Quarter and Form Type displayed . Enter CIN/ PAN details pertaining to the Financial Year, Quarter and Form Type displayed on the screen on the basis of latest correction statement filed by you. Please DO NOT copy /paste the data

After providing correct KYC details, an authentication code will be generated, which is valid for same calendar day for same Financial Year, Form Type and Quarter

On successful submission of the request, a unique Request number will be generated.

Conso file will be available in “Requested Download”, Deductor can search for Conso file by using: a) Request Number b) Date c) View All.

Details of Request Status:

a) Submitted: Successful submission, Request in processing

b) Available: Conso file available for Downloading

c) Disabled: Duplicate request submitted for downloading

d) Failed: User are advised to contact CPC(TDS)

Important Information on Conso File

♠ Conso file can be downloaded from F.Y 2007-08 onwards for the statement processed by TRACES

♠ Deductor can download Conso file by using HTTP Download or Download manager accordingly once it is available

♠ Downloaded file will be in ZIP format, it has to be extracted with the password and imported in the software for making necessary corrections.

♠ In case of Paper Return, Conso file cannot be download from TRACES

♠ DSC Validation screen will appear only if Digital signature has been updated on TRACES

♠ The password for opening Conso file will be your TAN_Request Number in capital letter. For example: ABCD12345E_12345

Login to TRACES

Welcome Page

Select Form Conso File Under Statement /Payment Tab

Enter Search Criteria

  • Validation screen will be presented on click of ‘Go’

Digital Signature supported KYC Validation contd. (Step 1)

  • Digital Signature Support KYC validation screen will appear only if Digital Signature is registered. Deductor can register/re register their Digital Signature in Profile. Please refer – Digital Signature Certificate Registration e-Tutorial for more information.
  • Normal KYC Validation (without Digital Signature) – User can opt a normal KYC validation separately for each functionality without digital signature.

Digital Signature supported KYC Validation contd. (Step 2 & 3)

After validating the DSC, one time KYC page will be displayed for the FY + Qtr + Form Type combination which has been selected by the user.

Digital Signature supported KYC Validation (Step 4 & 5)

Digital Signature supported KYC Validation (Step 4 & 5)

Note: ‘Signing data with your private exchange key’ will not be displayed if security level has been chosen as medium / low during installing DSC in browser / hard token and ‘applet window'( as shown in the next screen) will appear directly,

Digital Signature supported KYC Validation (Step 6 & 7)

  • Authentication Code will not appear on the screen in case DSC Supported KYC
  • In one session this manual KYC page ( On the basis of input selected by the user ) will be displayed only once

Token Number Details (Contd.)

Digital Signature supported KYC Validation – Success Page

After clearing the first DSC validated KYC user can submit any download request submission / submitting online / offline correction request in same session.

one example for downloading the Justification report is illustrated in the following screens.

In case of Normal KYC Validation- Token Number Details

Notes for Validation Screen:

  • Authentication code is generated after KYC information details validation, which remains valid for the same calendar day for same form type, financial year and quarter
  • Token Number must be of the regular statement of the FY, Quarter and Form Type displayed on the screen
  • CIN/BIN details must be entered for the challan/book entry mentioned in the statement corresponding to the FY, Quarter and Form Type mentioned above
  • Government deductor can enter only Date of Deposit and Transfer Voucher amount mentioned in the relevant Statement
  • Amount should be entered in two decimal places (e.g., 1234.56)
  • Only Valid PAN(s) reported in the TDS/TCS statement corresponding to the CIN/BIN details in Part1 must be entered in Part 2 of the KYC. Guide available on the screen can be referred for valid combinations.
  • Maximum of 3 distinct valid PANs and corresponding amount must be entered
  • If there are less than three such combinations in the challan, user must enter all (either two or one)
  • CD Record no. is mandatory only in case of challan is mentioned more than once in the statement

Authentication Code Screen

Request Number Screen

In order to check Request Status Click on Requested Downloads

  • File will be available in ‘Requested Downloads’

Check the Status of Request submitted

Click to download Conso File

  • HTTP Download is useful to download small files. It will directly download file for the user
  • Download Manager is useful to download large files and where internet bandwidth is slow.

Request – Please do not copy paste content from on other portals and value the efforts made by us.


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