F. No. 48/3/2014/ASK/P.V/DOMS/754, Dated: –  30. 06.2014

The Chief Commissioner of Income-tax (as per enclosed list)

Subject: Setting up of Aayakar Seva Kendra (ASK) during Financial Year 2014-15 reg


Kindly refer to the above.

2. In the Result Framework Document, 2014-15, the Board has resolved to augment the number of Aayakar Sewa Kendras from existing 189 already set up in the Income-tax department, by setting up additional 70 Aayakar Seva Kendras (ASK) all over the country in the current financial year i.e.  2014-15.

3, The Board has decided that these Centres should preferably be set up in relatively bigger stations where the senior most authority is either the CIT, Addl. CsIT or Multiple ITOs charge. Accordingly, the CBOT has finalised setting up of 70 Aayakar Seva Kendras as per the enclosed list at Annexure –A. In the enclosed list the Stations and the jurisdictional CCsIT have been mentioned. The setting up of ASK at these locations is also included in the Annual Action Plan 2014-15.

 4. The project is decentralized and funds will be allocated to your region for setting up of ASK centres. In order to prepare a consolidated proposal for financial sanction to set up ASK across the country during 2014-15, you are requested to kindly send the information in the enclosed Proforma (Annexure-B) in respect of ASK locations falling under your jurisdiction. Separate proforma may be used for each location, as it would facilitate this Directorate to work out the requirement of number of nodes, computers, printers etc. The area required and expenses proposed to be incurred on finishing work would also be determined on the basis of this information. Keeping in view the urgency of the matter, this information may kindly be sent to this Directorate latest by 4m July, 2014 positively. Kindly ignore if the same has already been sent.

5. You are also requested to constitute a Local Implementation Committee for each location. It is suggested that the committee may be constituted under chairman of CCIT and may include C IT concerned and IT( O) for better coordination.

6. It is also requested that a nodal officer from amongst the members of this committee may be identified and the contact details, including the mobile number and email address may kindly be sent to us along with details of the Local Implementation Committee latest by 4 July, 2014. This committee may also identify space at each location for setting up of ASK.

7. All possible support will be extended by this Directorate for timely implementation of the ASK project at each location as per Result Framework Document for the year 2014-15. For any queries on this issue, Shri S.K. Banerjee, Assistant Director may kindly be contacted on telephone No.011-26716415 or email: ditdoms.km@gmail.Com

Yours faithfully


Asstt. Director of Income Tax (O&MS) New Delhi

Encl: 1. Annexure- A. List of Station identified for Setting up ASK in F.Y. 2014-15

2. Proforma Annexure-B

Download Full Notification alongwith Annexure- A & B

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  1. s sudarshana says:

    Welcome step. Over the years, the PRO sections and the ASK, have become extremely friendly to the needy. There are instances, that they take the mobile number to call back and clarify the doubt. Now even the clarification sought on e-filing is done not only verbally but confirmed by email also.!

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