In a meeting with Software Vendors on  Jan 21, 1011,  NSDL has outlined the following changes in eTDS Statement filing for the Fourth Quarter filing

Mandatory Mobile Number

It will be mandatory for responsible person to provide mobile number. However Central and State Government deductors need not provide mobile number

Validation on TDS Rate

Currently there is no validation on TDS Rate except that it has to be numeric.  Forthcoming validation will check that Amount Paid / Credit * TDS Rate = TDS Amount

If there is a mismatch, a warning error will be given

Deductee record below threshold limit

There is confusion about reporting of transaction below threshold.  In the past, when deductors have reported such transactions, the notice from IT, shows these transaction as short deduction and liable to tax demand. Forthcoming FVU will provide for a flag to show that a deductee record is amount paid/ credit below threshold limit, hence without tax deduction at source

Deductee record where excess tax deducted

On the similar lines, a deductee record where excess tax has been deducted will be shown with a different flag

Editing of Provisionally Booked Challans

If consolidated FVU file is downloaded, then provisionally booked challans will be allowed to be edited

Deduction u/s 80CCF

For the fourth quarter, this new deduction will have to be shown separately in the Salary record of Form 24Q

Making download of consolidated FVU Easier

The recently introduced system of allowing deductors to get consolidated FVU file is being seen as complex by users. Various options being considered by NSDL to make system easier are

  • Digital Signture based authorization
  • Deductor to  choose userlogin & password
  • Consolidated FVU file will be uploaded in deductor’s login, since complaints are received that these files are not received through emails

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