Form 3CA & 3CB

1. Period of P&L a/c / Income and Expenditure Account

2.  the particulars given in the said Form No. 3CD and the Annexure  thereto are   true and correct subject to the following observations/qualifications, if any:

Form 3 CD

1.  Clause – 4 N

  • Particulars Of Registration
  • Excise , Service tax , Sales tax and customs etc
  • Auditors to cheek & report
  • Auditors may obtain such List from his client

2.  Clause –   8 N – to report relevant Clause Of Sec. 44 AB

3 Clause 11 (B) A – locations /Addresses of keeping books of account to be given along with details of books Of accounts maintained at each location

4.  Clause 11(C) A- Nature of Relevant Document Examined

5.  Clause 12- A profit /gain on presumptive Basis chapter XII G , First Schedule – ships tonnage basis / Insurance business

6.  Clause 13 ( c ) / 14 ( b) A_ Effect of change in method of accounting or valuation of closing stock , a format has been prescribed.

7. Clause 17 N- Particulars of sales of land / Building Less than Stamp value to be given

8.  Clause 18 (d-I ) A – Addl. Details of adjustment of Cenvat credits claimed and allowed for assets acquired on or after 1st March 1994

9. Clause 19 A- Deduction allowable u/s 32AC , 35AD, 35CCC, 35DDD

10.  Clause 20 (b) A-New format for contribution from employees for various funds

11. Clause 21(a) A – Amount debited to P & L A/c of capital exp. , personal exp. & Advertisement in prescribed format

12. Clause 21(b) A & N– Amount inadmissible of U/S 40 (a)

  •  Sub-Clause (i) allowability of payment made to non resident on which TDS is deductible
  • Sub Clause (1a)- payment TO Resident
  • Name & addresses of payees for which defaults committed

13. Clause 21 (d) –

Addl. Reporting  of disallowance….. u/s 40A(3A)

  • Cash payment in excess of prescribed limit even for Exp. incurred in earlier Years
  • Cash payment in Excess of limit U/s 269 T for loans / deposits

14Clause – 24 A

       Reporting of deemed income u/s 32 AC i.e.  investment allowance  u/s 32 AC & if assets sold within 5 years of its installation

15.  Clause 27(a) A – MODVAT / CENVAT

16. Clause 28 N –

     Reporting of share acquired  with inadequate consideration of companies in which Public not Substantially Interested .

17.  Clause 29 N–share Premium Received by company in which Public not Substantially Interested , in excess of fair market Value , if any

18.  Clause 31 A-   Non reporting of Certificate U/s 269SS & 269 T .

19.  Clause 32 (c)-,(d) & (e) A

Addl. . reporting of losses in speculative Business And carry forward & set off losses by specified Business .

   1 – Details of speculative losses u/s 73 and

   2 – U/s 73 A for Specified Business

   3 – Whether company deemed to be carrying on speculative Business

         ( Exp. To Sec. 73) and Details of speculative losses from such  business .

20. Clause 33 A– Reporting of deduction Claimed u/s 10 A and 10AA in prescribed format

21. Clause 34 (a) A

       – section wise TDS /TCS deducted/ Collected & paid , Short deducted, TAN Of Assesses & Also TDS /TCS not paid by assesses .

22. Clause 34 (b) A– Details late filing TDS & TCS .-

23. Clause 34 (c) A– Details of inerest Payable u/s 201 (1A) & 206 C(7)-

24. clause 36 A – Reporting on tax on distributed tax u/s 115 –o (1A)(i) of  dividends received by domestic company from its subsidiary                           and u/s 115 O (1A) (ii) of dividend paid to any person for or on behalf of new person trust u/s 10 (44)

25. Clause 37 A– Reporting on cost with qualification in cost Audit Report .

26. Clause 38 A– Reporting on audit under central Excise with the qualification in audit

27. Clause 39 N-   Whether any audit u/s 72 A of finance act 1994 and details of if any of disqualification or disagreement on any matter / items / value / qty.

28. clause 40 A– Ratio analysis of two years & turnover of two Years.

29.  Clause 41 N– Details of demand and refund , during the year under Any tax laws other than Income tax & Wealth tax & Details of  relevant proceeding .

30.  Annexure 1   – Removed – No impact

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  1. Parth Shah says:

    In Clause 34(a), the assessee is asked to fill the TAN, so my question is whose TAN is required to be reported?… In case if it is the TAN of the deductee then how is it possible to report the TAN if the deductee is an individual??…Will PAN of the deductee do???

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