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As we all aware that, now TDS deductor can file their TDS return online without visiting TDS facilitation center. This article will cover all the procedure of registration on traces website,  Income tax e-filing website, etc

Procedure to File E-TDS Return online

Step 1: Registration on Traces Website (If earlier Not Done)


(a) Acknowledgement receipt of Last TDS Return filed at Facilitation Center (It means you have to submit at least one return at TIN Facilitation Centre to register on Traces Website)

(b) Challan and challan wise deduction details sheet


(i) Go to website

(ii) New User – Register New User as Deductor and Proceed fill the required fields and get registered.

Note: Use the challan which have multiple PAN in deductee records, please don’t repeat PAN in deductee details.

Step 2: Login to Traces Website

(i) On login in quick links – click on “Register at E-Filling Site”

(ii)Verify details and click on Redirect

Step 3: Registration on Redirected Site

(i) the redirect tab will lead you to Income Tax Registration Portal with pre filled data – fill password, mobile number and Mail ID (Not used for more than 9 user earlier on Income Tax website), Landline and Fax number, and captcha.

(ii) proceed for Registration.

Step 4: Login to Income Tax Portal of TAN Holder’s PAN


Login to Income Tax Portal (The login which we use for return filling) of Person to whom the PAN was allotted, in my pending actions the action for approval of TAN Login will be shown. Click on TAN Number and confirm.

After confirmation at PAN login Portal, you will receive SMS (Mobile PIN) and link for activation of user ID.

The procedure of registration of TAN on Income Tax E-filing website is as under:

Steps Particulars
Step 1 Visit the ‘e-Filing’ Portal
Step 2 Click ‘Login Here’ button located at right side of the Home Page.
Step 3 Enter ‘User ID*’ (Note: The User Id differs based on the user type. Click here to know more.)
Step 4 Enter ‘Password*’ (Note: The password is set at the time of registration in the e-Filing portal)

Note: If you have forgotten password, Click here to know more.

Step 5 Enter the value of ‘Captcha*’ as displayed on the screen. (If the image is not visible properly, the image can be changed by clicking on refresh button beside) ⇒ Click ‘Login’
Visually Challenged users can use the OTP option that is ‘Request OTP’ instead of Captcha. OTP will be shared to registered Mobile Number.

Step 5: How to upload TDS return online on E-filing portal

To file Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), user must visit NSDL website to prepare and generate the file.

Perform the following steps to upload TDS:

Steps Particulars
Step 1 Logon to ‘e-Filing’ Portal
Step 2 Go to the ‘TDS’ menu located at upper-right side of the page ⇒ Click ‘Upload TDS’
Step 3 Enter the following required details:

  • FVU Version
  • Financial Year
  • Form Name
  • Quarter
  • Upload Type
Step 4 Click ‘Validate’
Step 5 Attach the TDS(.zip) file at the option ‘Upload TDS(.Zip) File*’ ⇒ Click ‘Submit’
As per the taxpayer’s applicability, use EVC or DSC option. Note:For successful submission of TDS statement, user must have registered DSC or EVC.
Else, refer the EVC – Click Here or refer the DSC – Click Here
Step 6 To view the uploaded TDS follow following steps:

  • Go to ‘TDS’ menu located at upper-right side of the page ⇒ Click ‘View Filed TDS’
  • Enter the following details:
    • Financial Year
    • Form Name
    • Quarter
  • Click ‘View Details’

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  1. Ankit Gupta says:

    Is DDO (drawing and disbursing Officer) authorised to verify return online through thsi process by his adhaar EVC ?

  2. k.d. says:

    I am salaried person. Everytime In M.O.D. interest bank is deducted TDS. Can I know why the bank deducted TDS from the interest of m.o.d?
    My income is approx 4.5 lack and I have already submitted my PAN card in the bank.
    Plz give me proper guidance..

    1. PARAS CHHAJED says:

      MOD interest is alike interest on FDR and therefore the banks deduct tax at source u/s 194A if the interest during a financial year exceeds Rs.40000. In case of senior citizen the limit is Rs.50000. If tax payable on your total income is NIL then you may file Form No. 15G ( Form 15H for senior citizens) with your banker so that no TDS is made.

  3. ram babu says:

    Is the receipt generated on filing the return same. Or is it a reference No.
    (for consultants, if the receipt is not like tin-nsdl ‘s Acknowledgement. They will not accept it as filing of their return and do not pay the bill.


      Dear Ram Ji, after uploading TDS Return, in same TAB you will find “VIEW FILLED TDS” CLICK ON IT, INPUT FY, FORM, AND QTR AND SUBMIT FOR VIEW DETAILS.


      Dear Sabu Ji, Its not compulsory to file online return, you may proceed with existing system, however there is no uploading charges if you upload online return.

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