Wealth isn’t created in a day, it takes time and all of it begins with saving money. Hence, it’s very crucial to pursue every effort for saving your hard-earned money and the steps you choose define your overall wealth portfolio. One way to save money is using tax-saving deductions for reducing the tax burden. Lesser the tax you pay, the more the disposable income in your hands. That’s a good enough reason for you to pay heed to tax saving exercise seriously.

However, in the mad rush to meet the deadline of March 31st, people make grievous errors by stuffing their portfolio with investments that can be avoided. Investment options such as ELSS, NPS, and the likes, can help you earn good returns and also help save tax. For most of us the fag end of the financial year is the wake-up call to look for avenues for save tax and in this haste, we tend to make several mistakes. These mistakes could turn out to be pricey both in the short term as well as in the long run and could drift you from your path of financial freedom. Moreover, the Indian Tax laws provide multiple tax saving avenues Yet most of us rarely leverage those tax-saving opportunities to the fullest.

What if you could save up to Rs 78,000 in taxes without spending endless hours looking for the right tax saving options. Well, the latest digital solution from the ETMONEY App offers exactly that. ETMONEY offers tax saving solution that allow users to save up to Rs 78,000 in taxes with just a few clicks on the app. ETMONEY leverages technology bringing expert advice to the taxpayers for free with absolute privacy.

ETMONEY App - Save Tax Up to Rs. 78000


ETMONEY helps users to avoid common tax-saving mistakes and ensures that users get the best shot at making optimum utilization of income tax deductions. ETMONEY provides customized tax saving plan, offering users accurate and prudent tax saving advice.

The user needs to just key in their details like their salary breakup, their savings, and investments, and the app will automatically calculate the maximum tax saving possible for the user. The app also instantly shows tax already saved, suggests investment options for saving the remaining amount.

Tax Saving

At the same time, ETMONEY doesn’t consider tax as the sole criterion for providing its users with the recommendation. The tax saving advice is based on the financial situation of the users and with the help of user’s inputs, the app finds the right mix of tax-saving investments unique to each user. For instance, it will not suggest ELSS for people whose Section 80C is already covered by say home loan interest and EPF.

The app ensures that their information belongs to users only through military-grade security.

Once the user gets their tax plan, they can invest in the recommended tax saving products in under 2 minutes. ETMONEY  helps the users invest in a host of tax-saving options including National Pension System (NPS), equity-linked savings schemes (ELSS), and health and term insurance.

ETMONEY app is an excellent way to quickly reduce tax in just a matter of minutes. Anyone can use it anytime, anywhere and it’s also completely paperless.

The app is a simple and innovative solution which is aimed at growing your money. Most individuals find investing in financial products to be a cumbersome task, and ETMONEY helps the users by making the end-to-end research and investment process really simple.

Tax season is here, and if you’ve been putting off your tax-related investment decisions due to the pains of going through various provisions and investment alternatives after a long day at work. Well, procrastinate no more—ETMONEY app will help you simplify the process of answering all your tax questions that you’d like answered.

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