Whenever we download Form 16 or Form 16A file from TRACES site, we always face this doubt as now how to convert this text file into PDF, which PDF should be use? Hence today I am covering this topic in which I will explain How to Download TRACES PDF Generation Utility, Procedure to install TRACES PDF Generation Utility.

Procedure to install TRACES PDF Generation Utility

  • Download the PDF Generation Utility by logging in to TRACES. Click on ‘Requested Downloads’ under ‘Downloads’ menu then click on ‘TRACES PDF Generation Utility’ link
  • Extract TRACES-PDF-CONVERTERV1.3L.zip file in a folder on your system.
  • If WinZIP is not already installed on your system, download it from www.winzip.com and install it.
  • After extraction you will have Run.bat file and TRACES-PDF-ConverterV1.3L.jar in a same folder.
  • To run this Utility, JRE version 1.6 or above is needed. Get the same from www.java.com and install
  • Double Click Run.Bat file, which will launch User Interface
  • To convert the text file into PDF, you need to fill the require details in that user interface.
  • Separate PDF files will be generated for each PAN and will be saved in the destination folder selected by you

TRACES has provided the entire process in in depth pictorial format for better understanding. The link is as follows:


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  1. G. Padmanabhan says:

    The converter utility available before transition to the present service provided was good enough and all of us were very well used to it. Then what was the necessity to meddle with it? The lighter version could have been tested and released earlier, without putting so many of us to trouble. Any thing from the Government or its agencies means complication only. Let us see how much trouble this one is going to give.

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