CPC (TDS) reminder to Deductors for Closure of Taxpayer Grievance Tickets in their In-boxes

The Centralized Processing Cell (TDS) has provided an integrated platform for taxpayers, deductors & assessing officer. The objective of the functionality is to provide the taxpaying citizen to report missing TDS credits in their 26AS account directly to the deductors and assessing officers for its quick resolution.

The onus to provide resolution to the aggrieved taxpayer, lies with the Tax Deductor in case of any issue regarding Tax Credits in 26AS or timely issuance of correct & valid TDS Certificates. Deductors are advised to constantly monitor the tickets raised by their deductees (taxpayers) to address their grievances at the earliest.

It has been observed that tickets raised by the Taxpayers are pending with you for closure and the details are as follows:

Ticket Number PAN TAN Ticket Creation Date Aging

Attention: For closure of the above ticket(s) , you are requested to Login to TRACES, Navigate to “Communications” menu and view the tickets as follows:
TDS Mismatch Taxguru

You may file correction statement/original statement, as the case may be, to ensure complete and correct reporting in respect of aggrieved taxpayers. In case, you have not entered into any transaction with the concerned taxpayer, you may report the same in the “provide clarification” column. CPC (TDS) also provides assistance in closure of tickets and you can write to them on ContactUs@tdscpc.gov.in or call their toll-free number 1800 103 0344.

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    Can anyone send me details of how to raise tickets by Tax Payer (Deductee) against a Deductor, the web address and procedure by email to me – gmbharathi@hotmail.com – Not only Banks, the Treasury Officers are also culprits.
    A suggestion by me is for the CITs(TDS) to make a survey amongst the Aseessees to know the truth of failures on the part of Deductors.
    A mechanism of complaint to CIT(TDS) and resolution is to be made.
    It is nice to direct AOs not to insist on Tax alredy deducted from the Assessee. But CPC Bangalore & their computers do nt have any column or provision for exempting missing credit.
    I have sufferred enough. I am of the opinion that no one really goes into the practical problems.

  2. Ramachandran Venkataraman says:

    Income tax department take lots of steps to help income tax payers particularly; regarding TDS. But banks and perhaps other deductors invariably do not send 16/16A forms to the tax payers. Unless this problem is solved the steps of income tax department are not helpful to tax payers.

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