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Ajit Kumar Shrivastava
Special Secretary to the Government of India

D.O. No. DIT (TPS-I)/Pakhwada/2018-19

Dated 7th May, 2018

Dear Pr.CCsIT/Pr. DGsIT/C.CIT, Central

Sub:- Dedication of a fortnight for Appeal Effect and Rectification for clearing up pendency and redressing public grievance.

The redressal of public grievance and taxpayer service is an area of top priority for CBDT and the Government. The delay in giving appeal effect and passing rectification orders is the biggest source of grievance against the Department. Moreover. such delays also adversely affect the performance of the Department as the infructuous demand remains stuck in appeal orders and rectification petitions till these are disposed of by the assessing officer.

2. With a view to expeditiously dispose off the appeal effect and rectification claims of the taxpayers, it has been decided to dedicate the first fortnight of June, 2018 for attending to the pending claims in these areas. During the period of 1st to 15th June, 2018, all assessing officers shall accord top priority to work of giving appeal effect and passing the rectification orders, and shall earmark the first half of the day to meet applicants/ counsels who seek to have a hearing to explain their case.

3. In the area of rectification, special attention may be given to demands disputed by the taxpayer in response to proceedings u/s 245 as delay in such cases is creating widespread dissatisfaction amongst taxpayers. Moreover, wherever challan correction is required to be carried out to give credit for pre-paid taxes. the same should also be taken up on priority. For this purpose, the supervisory officers must ensure that the deductors are made to file correction statements whenever there is a mismatch because of failure to deductor to file quarterly statement properly and Correctly

4. The supervisory officers shall monitor effective utilization of the fortnight for the purposes explained above. A wide publicity of the observance of the fortnight should be given in the local media and banners/ posters etc. may also be placed in office premises to make the taxpayers aware of the drive undertaken by the Department. The Pr. CCIT/ CCIT/ Pr. CIT may write to the local chapter of ICAI and the Bar Association informing them of the organization of the fortnight and request them to use this opportunity to get as many pending matters disposed of as possible. The AO and range head must be sensitized to attend the appeal effect and disposal of rectification application on priority basis.

5. A feedback on the results of the efforts made in this regard may be sent to the Board by the end of June, 2018.

With Good Wishes,

Your Sincerely

(A.K. Shrivastava)

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