THE general perception about vigilance cases among Government officials is that the launching of a vigilance case takes no time but closure becomes indefinite. Dispelling such a myth the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) in its report for the month of March, has revealed that as many as 488 officers were exonerated and closure of their files was ordered. Indeed, the Commission would be entitled to much greater credit if it cuts down on eschewable procedures and speeds up the wheel of inquiry to exonerate good officers who are falsely implicated in vigilance cases by vested interests in the Government.

Like all the previous reports, this report also highlights the cases of both the Revenue Boards – the CBDT and the CBEC, which prominently figure on the prosecution and major penalty lists. The Commission disposed off 391 cases during March, referred to it for advice. During the Month, the Commission launched prosecution in 25 cases and CBEC tops the tally with five cases.

The Commission also advised imposition of major penalty against 35 officers, including three officers from CBDT. On Commission’s recommendation, the administrative authorities imposed major penalty on 44 officers, and at least one officer from CBEC figures in this lot.

Interestingly, the Commission has given first stage advices agaisnt many officers of both the Revenue Boards. A few instances are:

  • The Commission has advised initiation of major penalty proceedings against CIT, Income Tax for issuing orders u/s 264 conferred undue benefit to the assessee and loss to revenue.
  • The Commission has advised launching of prosecution and initiation of major penalty proceedings against Commissioner of Excise & Customs for having assessts disproportionate to his known source of income.
  • The Commission also rendered second stage advice against a couple of Revenue officials:
  • The Commission has advised imposition of suitable major penalty against Chief Commission of Income Tax (Retd) for passing of orders of waiver of interest which was beyond his jurisdiction and liberal interpretation of Boards’ instructions in favour of assesses, causing loss to the Govt.
  • The Commission has advised imposition of suitable major penalty against Commissioner of Income Tax for weak and unsustainable assessment orders approved by him which was prejudicial to the interest of revenue.

The Commission also made recoveries to the tune of Rs.6.54 crore after conducting technical examination of some departments.

However, the Commission has expressed deep concern ove continuing delays in filling the post of CVOs in several key organizations like the Employees State Insurance Corporation, SB of Patiala, IREDA and Air India Charters Ltd. The Government is being regularly reminded, notes the Report.

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