Circular : No. 713, dated 2-8-1995.

1117. Clarification regarding applicability of section 194C in case of tickets sold by airlines and travel agents to customers

1. The Finance Act, 1995 has amended the provisions regarding tax deduction at source contained in section 194C of the Income-tax Act. As per the amended provisions, deduction of tax at source is to be made, inter alia, from payments made in respect of contracts for carriage of goods and passengers by any mode of transport other than Railways.

2. A number of queries have been received as to whether tax has to be deducted at source from payments to travel agents or the airlines for purchase of tickets for travel by air.

3. The matter has been examined by the Board. It is clarified that the provisions of section 194C do not apply to the payments made to the airlines or the travel agents for purchase of tickets for air travel of individuals. The provisions shall, however, apply when payments are made for chartering an aircraft for carriage of passengers of goods.

4. The clarification in para 3 (above) shall apply mutatis mutan­dis to the tickets for travel of individual by any other mode of transport also.

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