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Dated: March 19, 2015

NJRS Project: Soft launch and distribution of user ID’s & Passwords

In its endeavor to improve litigation management related to Direct tax cases in various courts, the Department has taken up a project titled “National Judicial Reference System” (NJRS). The NJRS project is being undertaken by the Directorate General of Income Tax (Legal & Research), Income Tax Department.

What is NJRS?

NJRS is a computerized repository of all judgments and pending appeals related to Direct Tax cases at ITATs, High Courts and the Supreme Court. It will have intelligent search facilities and work flows for officers of the department engaged in litigation work to enable the department to closely monitor appeals as well as to carry out research and analysis on various issues. The NJRS repository currently has records for over 2.5 lakh appeals filed and 1.45 lakh orders/judgments.

How to use NJRS?

An initial version of the NJRS has been ‘soft-launched’ by the Chairperson, CBDT today i.e. 19th March and can be accessed by departmental users at: [Though the connection is secure, you may get an error message as the installation of the security certificate recognized by leading browsers is under process. Please click “Proceed” in the advanced settings (chrome) or “continue to this website” (Internet Explorer)]. In this version of the NJRS application, the users will get the facility to search exhaustively through the judgements and appeals based on key phrases, sections, citation etc. The User ID for accessing the NJRS application will be the employee ID while the password will be provided by NJRS project office.

The process of obtaining the password is as follows:

(i) ITD user will send their employee code (provided by the department) through their official email ID (ending with “@incometax.gov.in”) to NJRS-user@nsdl.co.in with the subject line of the email as ‘Register’.

(ii) The user will receive the first time password in the official email ID from which the request was initiated.

What does NJRS contain presently?

The details of the data available in the system at present is as follows:

Judgments- about 1,45,000 Judgments and orders of ITAT including over 50,000 cases with Summaries. The judgments are updated till January 2015

Appeals –

• Data of about 2.25 lakh appeals of ITAT. These include all appeals that were filed after 1st April 2009 as per the ITAT computer system

• Data of 4,000+ appeals of Andhra Pradesh HC

• Data of 10,000+ appeals of provided by the Supreme Court

The appeal data is also updated till mid-January, 2015.

Data collection from other courts is underway. Accordingly, the database size will increase over time. Post final launch, the appeal & judgment data will be updated periodically,

What will NJRS provide finally?

In the final version of the NJRS application, the departmental users will get the following additional facilities:

• Facility to view the appeal documents being scanned at the Regional Scanning Centres (RSCs)

• Dashboard for display of jurisdiction specific information about cases in various courts.

• Provision for case specific communication between officers engaged in assessment work and those engaged in litigation work

• Alerts for users about new messages received from other users.

• Calendar for display of cases fixed in the various courts on any particular date

• Facility to carry out research and prepare case notes.

• Facility to enter and maintain a case diary for day to day case proceedings.

• Functionality to identify related cases for bunching of appeals

• Facility to mark appeals for priority attention

• Facility for data analysis and generation of reports

• Facility for users to upload articles on litigation issues

• Facility for uploading the finalized CSRs

• Facility for High Court Cells to maintain record of appeals allocated to standing counsels.

• Facility to the DGIT (L & R) office for online processing of SLP proposals.

It is clarified that some of the functionalities are still under development, therefore some bugs or issues may be noticed by users in the soft launch version. Users are encouraged to report any issues noticed to the Helpdesk by email or telephone on the address/number given on the NJRS website.

(Lalit Mohan Jindal)
New Delhi


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  1. dr.g.balakrishnan phd ML, says:

    i find the government is simply wasting the tax payers moneys not knowing how to spend, but also how to net tax moneys…great indian finance ministry!

    soon, the finance ministry would waste all tax payers’ moneys and one day you may get Egypt in india!

  2. dr.g.balakrishnan phd ML, says:

    it is not the legal digests but know a few sections every AO applies then he can do a better job is the fact…else more cases would flood ITATs/HCs.. great CBDT!

    YES you can do great moderation by simply going to AOs office and help them as you are great luminaries yourselves!

  3. dr.g.balakrishnan phd ML, says:

    great. all AOs would just get confused, see after three or four months then you will appreciate how great AO legal luminaries are surfacing!

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