Demand Management Fortnight- Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Letter [DIT(S)-III/DMFortnight/2012-13], dated 3-9-2012

The issue of demand management continues to remain an area of grave concern. It has been found that in most of the cases demand uploaded is incorrect and incomplete. Such demands have been uploaded by AOs without due diligence and verification. Adjustment of such demands against refunds is leading to public grievances. It is therefore imperative to correct the demand data base and quickly rectify cases, where wrong adjustments have taken place.

It has also been ascertained that the demand in a large number of cases has still not been uploaded on the CPC Portal, Correct uploading of such demand is a target in the Central Action Plan for FY 2012-13 to be accomplished by 30-9-2012. To address public grievances it has been decided that a special drive be launched to rectify affected cases and to correct the demand uploaded. Accordingly, as announced during last video conference held on 23-8-2012 with all CCsIT/DGIT, to hold the fortnight beginning 3rd Sept 12 and ending 14th Sept 12 as Demand Management Fortnight. Standard Operating Procedure with Manuals has already been uploaded on IRS website as well as on itaxnet on 29-8-2012.

2. Thus, apart from the action points listed in Standard Operating Procedure as released, the CCsIT are required to take following measures:

a. Create a Single window clearance cell to receive, acknowledge and monitor grievance petition pertaining to demand adjustment at each CCIT(CCA)/CC!T location for all grievances relating to incorrect arrear demand communicated/adjusted. (A nodal officer of the rank of JCIT or above to be created as single point of contact for taxpayers with due publicity of contact details with caution that taxpayers not be asked to directly approach the Assessing Officers), Going forward, this cell will also take proactive actions based on the communication received from CPC, so that in-house re-verification is mandatorily carried out in cases of refunds being processed in CPC, without contacting the taxpayer.

b. All arrear demand grievances to be resolved within 30 days by the nodal officer, CCsIT to personally supervise and monitor progress of these cases.

3. It is impressed upon all CCsIT to ensure that concerted efforts are made by officers to clean up the demand databases. The Compliance Report as outlined in SOP for the actions taken and achievements during the fortnight may be submitted positively by 20-9-2012 to the respective Zonal Member.

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  1. Ajay Sathyanarayana says:

    April 5, 2o13; 2:18 P.M
    This has reference to communication No. CPC/0809/11/900205126 dated…
    There is demand for Payment of IT difference of Rs. 2,46,267/-.
    The calculation as shown by the CPC is not correct as far as the income drawn is concerned. The CPC has erroneously taken an equal sum as salary income{Rs.566338/-} against income from other Sources, thereby doubling the gross total income. In fact, I have not drawn any income from other sources during the said year.
    I showed the copy of my tax returns to the top level authorities in the HMT Bhavan wing of the Dept..The action is still pending.
    May I hope for a quick response nullifying the arrears demand

  2. Nalin Jain says:

    I am an assessee in Ghaziabad. A demand has been uploaded from 46(1) A.O. at Delhi. The A.O.Ghaziabad has said that you contact the A.O. who has uploaded the demand. The A.O. at 46(1) is saying that I cannot do any thing in the matter. Please advise who should be contacted in the matter.

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