Rationalisation of taxation regime in the case of  charitable trusts and institutions

The existing provisions of section 11 of the Act provide for exemption to trusts or institutions in respect of income derived from property held under trust and voluntary contributions subject to various conditions contained in the said section. The primary condition for grant of exemption is that the income derived from property held under trust should be applied for the charitable purposes, and where such income cannot be applied during the previous year, it has to be accumulated in the modes prescribed and applied for such purposes in accordance with various conditions provided in the section. If the accumulated income is not applied in accordance with the conditions provided in the said section, then such income is deemed to be taxable income of the trust or institution.

Section 13 of the Act provides for the circumstances under which exemption under section 11 or 12 in respect of whole or part of income would not be available to a trust or institution.

The sections 11, 12, 12A, 12AA and 13 constitute a complete code governing the grant or withdrawal of registration and its cancellation, providing exemption to income, and also the conditions under which a charitable trust or institution needs to function in order to be eligible for exemption. They also provide for withdrawal of exemption either in part or in full if the relevant conditions are not fulfilled.

Several issues have arisen in respect of the application of exemption regime in cases of trusts or institutions in respect of which clarity in law is required.

The first issue is regarding the interplay of the general provision of exemptions which are contained in section 10 of the Act vis.-a-vis. the specific and special exemption regime covered in sections 11 to 13. As indicated above, the primary objective of providing exemption in case of charitable institution is that income derived from the property held under trust should be applied and utilised for the object or purpose for which the institution or trust has been established. In many cases it has been noted that trusts or institutions which are registered and have been claiming benefits of the exemption regime do not apply their income, which is derived from property held under trust, for charitable purposes. In such circumstances, when the income becomes taxable, then a claim of exemption under general provisions of section 10 in respect of such income is preferred and tax on such income is avoided. This defeats the very objective and purpose of placing the conditions of application of income etc. in respect of income derived from property under trust in the first place.

Sections 11, 12 and 13 are special provisions governing institutions which are being given benefit of tax exemption, it is therefore imperative that once a person voluntarily opts for the special dispensation it should be governed by these specific provisions and should not be allowed flexibility of being governed by other general provisions or specific provisions at will. Allowing such flexibility has undesirable effects on the objects of the regulations and leads to litigations.

Similar situation exists in the context of section 10(23C) which provides for exemption to funds, institution, hospitals, etc. which have been granted approval by the prescribed authority. The provision of section 10(23C) also have similar conditions of accumulation and application of income, investment of funds in prescribed modes etc.

Therefore, it is proposed to amend the Act to provide specifically that where a trust or an institution has been granted registration for purposes of availing exemption under section 11, and the registration is in force for a previous year, then such trust or institution cannot claim any exemption under any provision of section 10 [other than that relating to exemption of agricultural income and income exempt under section 10(23C)]. Similarly, entities which have been approved or notified for claiming benefit of exemption under section 10(23C) would not be entitled to claim any benefit of exemption under other provisions of section 10 (except the exemption in respect of agricultural income).

These amendments will take effect from 1st April, 2015 and will, accordingly, apply in relation to the assessment year 2015-16 and subsequent assessment years.

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