Nowadays We are receiving one or more  email daily with subject ‘Tax Refund Notification’. With mail we receive a attached form in which they ask bank account details.  This is the trap Once you enter your bank account detail which includes your username and password the same get stored in the database of the person sending fraud emails. After receiving your username , password they transfer all your money in their bank account.

Here we would like to mention that Income tax department is not sending any email regarding income tax refund. Income tax department also issued a clarification regarding the same which can be accessed at the following link:-

Ø     Income Tax dept asks tax payers to avoid fraud mails

A sample one such fraud email is as follows:-

Dear applicant,
After the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined
that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of 820.50 Rupees.

Bank account holders at the Bank of India, will receive the money within 12 hours after filling the form.

To Access your tax refund please complete the form attached to this email .

Department of Revenue,Ministry of Finance Government of India

We Advise all our visitors if they receive any such mail just delete the same and do not fill any form and neither visit the website of such fraudsters.

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