The government today said around 49 lakh cases of income tax refunds are pending with the revenue department.

“Total number of pending refund returns (up to January 2010 is 49 lakh. The statutory time limit to process the return and issue refund in financial year 2009-10 is March, 31, 2011,” minister of state for finance SS Palanimanickam informed the Rajya Sabha in a written reply.
Normally after receipt of returns, processing of returns and issuance of refund is completed in due course, he said, addding however, difficulties are encountered in some cases due to various reasons like wrong PAN, illegible recording of address, incorrect particulars about bank account etc.

Pointing out that processing of refund is a continuous process, he said, the returns received during 2008-09 would be processed by March 31, 2010.

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  1. srs says:

    srs wrote on 29 March, 2012, 17:06

    following are the status of refunds (all year pertains to asst years prior periods towards excess amount of income tax (TDS) pending with Income tax Dept., Gurgaon for grant of refund.

    Income tax refunds pending
    Enclosed herewith proof of income return
    For corresponding asst. years
    2006-07 798.00
    2005-06 645.00

    2000-01 3036.00
    1998-99 1908.00
    1997-98 81.00

    total 6474.00

  2. akhilesh says:

    My refund for the A.Y. 2009-10 is still pending with the I.T. Deptt. On seeking inquiry from the concerned office, the office informed that feeding of returns for the A.Y.2009-10 is going on and refunds will be available after March, 2010.

  3. Ashis Majumder says:

    BRRRRRAAAAVVVVVVVOOOOOO, pallanikkam-ji. Keep it up.What a wonder that instead to blame the department itself for non issuance of refund voucher for such a long time the Minister is clarifying into Parliament that the delay because of assessesss. Is it presumable that such a huge no. of refund pending only because of wrong PAN No. etc ?
    Rather, made provision to punish the concerned officials those could not make issuance of refund voucher within the statutory time frame.

  4. BIDUP says:

    What a great achievement-even today one must suffer the humiliating indignity of visiting the IT office and paying money for even being able to see the officers at all levels-refund rates not inclusive!
    Great strides made in the matter of ECS-enabled refund issue!

  5. R.LGARG says:

    what abount the refunds prior to the assessment year to 2009-10. there should be a time limit upto whjen the refund must be made , more particularly in the regime of computerisation and online system adopted by Revenue Aythorities

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