Relaxed or Worried? Due date to file GST-3B for July’2017 for all Registered persons extended to 25th August 2017.


Government extended due date of filing GST Return in Form 3B for the month of July those tax payers, for who do not want to avail of transitional credit in TRANS1 this month to 25th of August 2017.

Reasons for such extension were mentioned as below:

1. Since it is the first Return to be filed under GST, the tax payers and the tax practitioners have requested for few more days to file their Return.

2. Also there have been requests from States which are hit with floods to extend the last date for filing of GST Returns.

3. The State of Jammu & Kashmir has also requested for extension of time because of late passing of their GST Ordinance.

4. Some technical glitches are also experienced by last minute return filers.

Filed your GST Return?

Feeling relaxed that the date of filing your GSTR-3B for July 2017 has been extended to 25th August’2017?

Are you ready to face the same procedure every month? Are you ready to give up your personal life for GST compliances?

Do you want the government to make GST return filing on Quarterly basis? Is it feasible?

written some articles on this at

Started a petition at www-dot-change-dot-org. Nothing will change by itself, you have to come forward and sign the petition. Let’s provide this movement a strength by signing the petition under heading  “ministry of finance change tax period to quarterly.”

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