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An open letter by CA Shaifaly Girdharwal to #HasmukhAdhia and #ArunJaitely #GST #GSTfailure

Sir GST was made applicable in all over India from 1st July 2017. At that time government was not clear about how exporters will do the compliance. Exporters of services are forced to go for litigation for hardship of bond/LUT on them.Composition option was not there and the way website was working it was really a shame. Then data and features were frozen. Your own customer care is unable to answer any technical query. There are no example or illustration on what data should be filled in each form and column. Being a GST consultants I got so many calls and feel helpless to see the problems of small business people. Most of the forms for return, registration and transition are faulty. Form for transition was introduced in hurry on heavy public demand. It means govt was expecting taxpayer to pay tax to govt and their opening credit was totally out of vision. Should we assume that Government’s vision is to just charge extra money from people any how? On clicking submit, data freezes …why you make the filing under DSC when you freeze data after submit only. Government system may have all the faults but taxpayer should have supernatural powers to cope with all defects. Small traders spend all their time working hard for arrangement of things and sale and then collection. Now they are expected to stand in virtual queue on #GSTIN website because you cant increase your capacity beyond 80,000 at a time, when this could just be overcome by adding more processing powers and memory to your servers.

Is this the #digitalIndia dream you’ve been selling ever since?

And what was the idea behind GSP and ASP that the government appointed. Where is there contribution in infrastructure or the whole process?

Today so many taxpayer feel that offline mode was better. You may be standing in queues but at least you know when you will be able to handover.

When, you are not ready for something why it is forced to people and then at least you should be humble enough to accept your defects and try to fix that, instead of blaming the people.

Don’t forget that you’re running the country with the help of taxes collected from the people and businesses. Stop treating them like thieves and give them respect and support them in growing their business.

Please don’t force entire business community to leave all their work for filing returns. #EaseOfDoingBusiness is the biggest joke, instead this is even making it difficult and killing the dreams of people launching new businesses and generate employment.
(With contribution from Deepak Chauhan )

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  1. SUMAN SARKAR says:

    I SUMAN SARKAR Advocate very much appreciate your effort and write regarding the loopholes of GST. I am facing the problems as find by you.

    I am facing lot of problems in facing the GST PORTAL. such as once you submit the data you can not revise.How can this possible. This is totally absurd that a man can put data without error and there is no chance of revision.

  2. Sudhir K. Chakradeo says:

    My email below to gst helpdesk is reproduced below:
    “Abhinav Society

    9:45 AM (19 minutes ago)

    to helpdesk
    We, Abhinav CHSL having 197 members are required to register under GST for crossing the threshold, though our per member per month collection is Rs. 1000 to 1500 only.
    We gathered all documents, scanned and resized images to fit within permissible sizes and attempted registration with TRN 271700591450TRN obtained on 24/10/17. We obtained the DSC and attempted “verify”, which failed again and again. Removing and re-installing emSigner, upgrading browser, installing latest Java run-time. All of this failed. An internet search lead to a procedure which is highly technical dealing with port address settings. We wanted to try it before expiry of the TRN on 11/11/17 but last two days your system and software has failed. Our application was not to be found under My Saved Application. Attempt on 9/11/17. Attempting to get a new TRN was rejected saying a TRN is pending and should be used while the My Saved Application showed none. In the meanwhile, the website stopped registration services from midnight to afternoon on 10/11/17. At 2pm we tried new registration with a new e-mail address but again it does not show up under My Saved Applications.
    I request you to kindly sms me on 9757281305 when everything is working properly or at least announce on the website.

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    S. K. Chakradeo
    Committee Member Abhinav Co-Op. Hsg Society”
    What is the experience of others?

  3. pravin singh says:

    Gst Is Very Good For Every Indian But Gst is failure Because The Planer Of Gst Is Reservation Holder And He Have No Capacity To Apply Gst In India Without Problem.

  4. Mukesh Parmar says:

    The difficulties faced in GST regime has eaten into time of every one and has no specific solutions from Government.
    Under the circumstances let the Government collect taxes under GSTR3B till December 2017 and allot schedules to file returns from July to December.

    I am accounting technician in Bangaloe, Karnataka. Our Vat system of filing returns, uploads of data and payment system is much better then under GST and covers almost every aspect of GST. This software is readily available with Karnataka Vat Department. Why not have a look at it and modify the same to suit GST requirement.

    And we have many professional swho are expert in the field of Vat, Entry Tax, C S T., Service Tax, Excise, Cenvat etc., whose expertise can be tapped to make GST really Good and Simple Tax and business friendly. Please think on this lines to save the time n energy of both business men and Government.

    Link to suggestion as posted:

  5. Amit Agarwal says:

    Sad but true that we always try to find an excuse for anything and everything we are not comfortable with. Yes there are issues with respect to GSTN Site but it is not that severe that filing cant be done.
    So as professional we must stand by the brave and historical decision made by our active govt and work towards achieving the ultimate goal instead of criticizing and creeping over tiny issues.

  6. Kartheek says:

    Well Said Sir, we all should stand against Small taxpayers
    I never cast my vote again to this Government I will encourage same to employees I am loosing concentrate on My small businesses which feeding almost 50 employees.. GSTR1 extended again..

  7. ANITA says:

    GST WILL kill the businessman, they lost the interest in business.most of them shut down the business, it will create a big problem for the country.

  8. J R Holla says:

    GST regime as on date in shambles no one really very clear on anything. Neither GSTH officials or Commercial Tax officers are able clarify the doubts and filing of GSTR1 ,2 ,3. and 3B. Log in password, OTP, digital signature online payment , electronic ledger ,its all sort of magical words to be handled by a small scale business people is impossible even professionaal not able to help.

  9. jitendra thacker says:

    We appreciate your objections on the GST portal and other govt. decisions on GST, but it would be better if you had read that letters written on the same platform and language used is effective. Govt. may never intend to make harassment to taxpayers and We hope that best yet to come. ICAI has given 50 point suggestion today may be considered by GOVT.

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