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Know Your GSTIN GST Number : Under Goods and Service Tax Act, each tax payer will be allotted a state wise PAN based 15 digit GSTIN Number. GSTIN is described as Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number.

Format of GSTIN

  • The first two digits represent the State in the Country where such registration is allowed. As an illustration in terms of the Indian Census 2011 the unique two digit code of “09” has been allotted for the State of Uttar Pradesh while “27” has been allotted for the State of Maharashtra, so on and so forth.
  • The second set of 10 digits would be the Permanent Account Number (PAN) allotted by the Income tax department for each Legal entity.
  • The 13th digit would be alpha-numeric (1-9 and then A-Z) and would be assigned depending upon the number of Registrations a legal entity (having the same PAN Number) has within the State. To illustrate, a legal entity with single registration within the State would have “1” as its 13th digit of GSTIN. If the same legal entity goes for a second registration for a second business vertical in the same State, the 13th digit of GSTIN assigned to this second entity would be “2‟. This way 35 business verticals of the same legal entity can be registered within a State.
  • The 14th digit of GSTIN would be kept BLANK for future use.
  • The 15th Digit will be the check digit.

I hope that article has helped readers Search their Search GST Number in India.

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78 responses to “Know Search Verify Your GSTIN GST Number”

  1. prakash says:

    my tin no:33892224200
    pan no: AGCPJ0538R
    whats my GST and address

  2. s.radhakrishnan says:

    I am a service provider in chennai, but work or services are done in Andhra pradesh.

    To raise a bill, What GSTIN tax has to be applied, whether it is IGST or SGST/CGST.

    please reply with confirmation.

  3. Anil says:

    please open GSTR1 and put GST Number then you will find Customer Name or you can Verify

  4. Ravi says:

    The title is “Know Search Verify Your GSTIN GST Number” BUT the link to the site is not given ?
    So how TO “Know Search Verify Your GSTIN GST Number” !!??

  5. Deepak says:

    I got a gst number but, I am unable to find customer name.

  6. Deepak says:

    How to find customers gst number?

  7. Krishna Mohan says:

    One Airtel dealer dealing Recharges, New sim ACTIVATION, Co. is issuing commission note for this transaction. Besides this he is doing Airtel Money transactions under the same registration. Supplier issued Dealer commission note without HSN/SAC Code. How to file GSTR 1/3B/ or any .How to record these trasactions.

  8. atul hajare says:

    to cunfarm gst no 27adjph2207e1z0 the last deagite is 0 or o canfuize

  9. atul hajare says:

    27adjph2207e1z0 is my gst no but I am canfuize last deazite is 0 or o

  10. shafeeq says:

    How can be possible to find out the GST no. by customers name through web. For instance when entered one customers GSTNo to our accounting software ( Tally ERP 9 GST release) it shows mismatch notification. Unfortunate the customer is not available in the provided contact no.

  11. Rukman says:

    I am cab operate in Andhra Pradesh and I provide my services for state and interstate customer ,
    If i provide in Andhra for Tamil Nadu customer who have GSTIN of Tamil Nadu GSTIN @ 5%
    how to bill for Tamil Nadu Customer SGST,CGST or IGST

  12. harshal shyani says:

    what is gst number of dena bank

  13. Janakiram says:

    I am planning to start a partnership firm so I am going to apply a NEW GST and i don’t have tin.

    Will the govt official come to my place and make an enquiry. A commercial space is required for that?

  14. imam hussain ibrahim says:

    hi i have registered for gst n i have deleted the gst reply mail how can i get my gst number i dont have the mobile sms also kindly help i have my pan card n aadhar num only

  15. Sunil Kumar says:


  16. Dhrumil says:

    how do i find company’s name to gst no?

  17. Sakchi says:


  18. vikash teotia says:

    How much tax will be on the JOBWORK (GARMENT JOBWORK) please help me

  19. sankar prasad nath says:

    I am feeding the details of my customers on the basis of information provided by them . To make sure i have filled in their correct GST number where can I verify the same

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