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No: MAHAVIKAS/e-Service Centres/e-Seva kendra/B-573

Trade Circular No. 23T of 2016 Date: 02/09/2016

Subject: Facility to submit the application for registration through e-Seva Kendra and help desk for new return submission.


The Department of Sales Tax has taken various initiatives to provide facilities for dealers in the form of e-Services. As of now e-Services like Registration, Payment, Return, Refund, e-CST Declarations etc have been implemented. The Department is in the process of implementing some more e-Services to facilitate the Trade under “Ease of Doing Business” Initiative.

A new dealer who wants to start business from remote locations may not have facility to apply for registration online. To facilitate such dealers, it was necessary to create e-Service Centers from where the Application for Registration can be filed online. E-Seva Kendras operated by `Mahaonline’ (a joint venture between Government of Maharashtra and TCS) are available all over the State. Various e-Services of various Government Departments are provided from these Kendras to various class of citizens. Now, facility to upload Application of Registration will be available from e-Seva Kendras.

Submission of application for registration through e-Seva Kendra

(A)  Applicant who wants to avail this facility may approach any e-Seva Kendra in the vicinity along with all the details/documents required for registration as per Circular 18T of 2016.

(B) List of e-Seva Kendras is available on the website of the Mahaonline at following link.  httbs://

(C)Person from e-Seva Kendra will assist in uploading the Application for Registration. The process to submit the application online will be same as per Circular 18T of 2016 and User Manuals for application under various Acts administered by the Department. These Manuals are already made available on the website of the Department, in “Whats New” Section.

(D) The charges, to be decided by Director (IT), Maharashtra to avail this facility from e-Seva Kendra have to be borne by the applicant. Needless to mention that these charges will be separate from the charges (Fees/Deposit) required to be paid for registration, if any.

(E) Application submitted from e-Seva Kendra will be treated as the application submitted by the applicant. it will be responsibility of the applicant to check the correctness of the application before finally submitting the application online.

Help desk for e-returns

For e-Return filing, Nodal Help Desks at all the Locations are made available. List of the same is available on the website of the Department, http]/ in “Whats New” Section.

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