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No. Mahavikas/PDADIC/Mahavikas/New_ Automation/Website/B- 929 Date- 29-12-2017

Trade Circular No. 55T of 2017.

Sub: Go Live of MAHAGST Website on 26-12-2017



The Maharashtra GST Department (MGSTD) has been providing various electronic services and other related information to the taxpayers and the other stakeholders through its website The MGSTD started implementing its new automation system based on SAP platform from 25 May 2016 when SAP based Registration system went live. Since then the MGSTD has gone live with the SAP based e Services like Returns, e-Payments, e-CST Declarations, e-Refunds etc. As a part of new automation, the MGSTD had also started developing its new web site. The development of the said new web site is over and has been made operational from 26th December 2017 with the domain name It is envisaged that the new website will result into better user experience & enhance the compliance of various taxes administered by the MGSTD.

In order to access the new web site, the users will be required to enter the URL The website will open in Marathi language by default but the user can view the website in English either by entering URL or by clicking the link “English” at the top of the Home page.

2. Profile creation on

(A mandatory step for the dealers/ employers registered before 25th May 2016 who have not created their profile to access SAP based e-services.)

The dealers/ employers registered on or after 25th May 2016 will be able to access new web site with their credentials. However, the dealers registered before 25th May 2016, who have not created their profile to access SAP based e-services shall be required to create their profile in order to access the e-services available on the new web site The “Manual for Profile Creation” is available under “Manuals and Procedures” Section of “Dealer Services” menu on the new website. Such dealers/ employers can create their profiles by clicking on “Create profile for new system” on left Tile of the Home page of new web site from 26th Dec 2017. The dealers/ employers will have to enter their TIN, PAN, e-mail ID and mobile number. They will receive new credentials i.e. log in ID and password on their e-mail !Ds after entering. OTP received on mobile. After logging in to the new website with the new credentials, dealers / employers can avail various e-services & information available through the ‘Dealer Home page. They will be able to access non- GST e-Services through the links available on various tiles like Registration, Returns, Payments, refunds, e-CST declarations etc. on the ‘Dealer Homepage’. The e-services for the periods prior to 01-04-2016 shall continue be available through the old website which include filing of returns, requests for e-CST declarations, Computerized Desk Audit reports for the periods upto 31-03-2016. The facility of filing audit reports in Form 704 (including e-704 for 2016-17) shall continue to be available on the old website

3. New features of web site

The features of the website are as under.

1. The text search is provided for the entire contents of the website.

2. The new website is auto-responsive to the screen size of the device and is mobile friendly.

3. Taxpayers will be able to see the detailed instructions, if any, for the alerts which are provided on the Banner under the header of website.

4. All GST related information is available along with Links to GSTN website services.

5. User can know taxpayer details in “Know Your Taxpayer” with corresponding GSTIN, compliance details and jurisdictional Nodal officer.

6. The ‘Tax Complaint’ utility in ‘May 1 help you’ Tile allows users to submit complaint about VAT as well as GST evasion.

7. ‘Service Request’ utility in ‘May I help you’ Tile allows website users to raise tickets on Help desk for functional as well as technical queries.

8.`Location Utility’ is integrated with Google Maps so as show correct location of our offices on the Map along with addresses of locations and telephone numbers.

9. ‘Feedback & Suggestions’ utility allows any stakeholder to submit suggestion in relation to policy

10. GST related links are also made available on ‘GST e-Services’ tile on the Home page of the Mahagst website.

4. User Manuals and the FAQs:

The following User Manuals can be accessed by clicking the link

Dealer Services- Manuals and Procedures on the mahagst portal.

1. Mahagst Portal User Manual.

2. User Manual for Profile Creation.

3. User Manual for Know Your Taxpayer.

4. User Manual for Suggestions and Feedback.

5. User Manual for Service Request and Tax Complaint

For the convenience of the Trade, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to use of the new website are available on both the websites.

5. Mapping list of functionalities available on the old and new web site:

A Mapping list for mapping functionalities on old mahavat website and new mahagst website is made available in ‘Whats New’/ ‘Manuals and Procedures’ under ‘Dealer Services’ menu section of new website for the ease of users.

6. This circular cannot be made use of for legal interpretation of provisions of law, as it is clarificatory in nature. If any member of the trade has any doubt, he may refer the matter to this office for further

7. You are requested to bring the contents of this circular to the notice of all the members of your association.

Yours faithfully,

Rajiv Jalota

Commissioner of State Tax,

Maharashtra State, Mumbai.

No. Mahavikas/PDADIC/Mahavikas/New_Automation/Website/B- 929

Date: 29-12-2017

Trade Circular No.  55T of 2017.

1. Copy forwarded To:

a. All the Addl. Commissioners of State Tax in the State.

b. All the Joint Commissioner of State Tax in the State.

c. All the Sr. Dy. Commissioners of State Tax in the State.

d. All the Dy. Commissioner of State Tax in the State.

e. All the Asst. Commissioners of State Tax in the State.

f. All the State Tax Officers in the State.

2. Copy forwarded with compliments for information to:

a. The Officer on Special Duty, Finance Department, Mantralaya, Mumbai.

b. The Under Secretary, Finance Department, Mantralaya, Mumbai.

c. The Accounts Officer, State Tax Revenue Audit, Mumbai and Nagpur.

3. Copy to: All the Desks and Desk Officers in the office of the Commissioner of State Tax, Maharashtra State, Mumbai.

Nitin Shaligram

Joint Commissioner of State Tax,


Maharashtra State, Mumbai

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