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1. GST will be applicable in India on the appointed date viz. 1st April, 2017. Before this date all the registered assesses with State/Centre need to enrol at the GSTN portal

2. To begin with, only State VAT assesses will be required to provide details to the GSTN portal for migration to GST. Other assesses (Service Tax/Excise) will be issued Provisional ID at a later date.

3. Once the Taxpayer provide their details there will be no need to provide the details again. State-wise Schedule for enrolment:

Region Migration Date End Date
North; covering Delhi, UP, UK, Punjab, HP, Rajasthan, Haryana, Chandigarh & Jammu Kashmir 16th December, 2016 31st December, 2016
West; covering Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Daman & Diu, Dadar & Nagar Haveli, Chattisgarh 14th November, 2016 29th November, 2016
East; covering West Bengal, Bihar, MP, Orissa, Jharkhand, NE States 30th November, 2016 15th December, 2016
South; covering TN, Kerala, Telangana, AP, Karnataka 1st January, 2017 15th January, 2017
Others; covering Puducherry & Sikkim 8th November, 2016 23rd November, 2016

4. Steps for Enrolment:

1. Have you received an email/SMS from VAT department for migration to GST? If not, contact the VAT dept.

2. In the Email/SMS, you will find a Provisional ID and Password

3. One Provisional ID will be for all Taxes merging into GST

4. Visit on the appointed date for your state (see point 5 below)

5. Use the Provisional ID and password (as above) to create your Username and Password for accessing the GST portal

6. Before you create the Username and Password, you need to have a Valid Email & Mobile Number

7. You will be sent one OTP on Email and another OTP on Mobile number

8. You will be required to enter these OTPs at the time of creation of Username and Password

9. Login using new Username and Password

10. Kindly fill in the Enrolment Application and provide business details.

11. Attach the specified mandatory documents

12. Verify the auto populated fields from the State VAT system

13. Register the DSC of the primary authorised representative

14. Sign the Enrolment application using DSC

15. Submit the Application

16. Upon submission, system will verify the correctness of the details

17. If details are satisfactory, ARN (Application reference number) will be generated

18. Provisional ID status will change to “Migrated”

20. On 1st April the above Status will become Active and a Provisional Registration certificate will be issued.

21. Within 6 months, the Final RC will be issued to those who have E-signed the completed Enrolment Application and the same is verified by the proper officer

22. Don’t share the above credentials with anyone

However, the window will be open till 31st January, 2017 for those who miss the chance.

For More better understanding click here to watch GST PPT

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13 responses to “GST Registration procedure for existing State VAT Dealers”

  1. Pradeep says:

    Very simple article.But after the username & userid is also received.& if forgotten by us.what is the process to get it.i try several times.they are asking the question.we are replying correctly .but say it is invalid.

    Please provide any way to get it. Username & Userid.

  2. DP Keshri says:

    Yea the article is good and simple to understand,Please update us for new forms and GST Registration Procedure time to time.

  3. Stan Alvares says:

    Thanks for the update.
    But as per Trade Circular 35T the last date for Maharashtra is 30th Nov. 2016

  4. sheikh naimur rahman says:

    Sir our company surrender vat cat certificate manually 3 years back,and submitting nil return last three years,no business,no don’t want migrate to get,what to do?if any company not migrated what happened?

  5. Keshav says:


  6. ravi chandiran s says:

    In the GST enrolment portal, it is difficult to enter the Date columns of our all certificates/Date of Birth since coming scrolling one by one year only. (for ex., our company started in 1988 & cert. date also the same but for this we have to scroll slowly from 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 like monthwise. Moreover attachment also to be done carefully (since file sizes are narrowed).

  7. Prem Aggarwal says:

    Very helpful. Keep it up

  8. Ankit Goel says:

    thnks sir

  9. Gowrishankar says:

    Very good article, easily understandable…..Good work….Keep posting on further developments..
    Thanks & Regards

  10. AVM Prasad says:

    The article is good and simple and easily understandable. Keep it up Mr.Hitesh Arora

  11. Mitesh thaker says:

    Kindly update me new forms and rules and regulations for gst. And also any notifications for gst.

    Thanks and regards ,
    Mitesh thaker

  12. N C GOEL says:

    whether dsc is must for gst registration

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