Attention! All graduates and aspiring finance professionals; fasten your seat belts as GST unlocks a whole new world of opportunities; but are you prepared to grab it and excel your career?

GST Practitioners will be an exciting career for commerce graduates and finance professionals to start-off their career in the field of GST.

The provisions relating to GST Practitioners are contained in Section 48 of the Central GST Act’ 2017 read with Rule 24 of GST Return Rules’ 2017. As per these provisions, the following persona shall be eligible as GST Practitioner:-

(1) Chartered Accountant holding COP

(2) Company Secretary holding COP

(3) Cost and Management Accountant holding COP

(4) Advocate

(5) Graduate or Postgraduate degree in Commerce

(6) Graduate or Postgraduate degree in Banking

(7) Graduate or Postgraduate degree in Business Administration

(8) Graduate or Postgraduate degree in Business Management

(9) Degree examination of any recognized Foreign University

(10) Retired Government Officials

Due to manifold increase in compliances under GST Regime, wherein minimum 37 returns are to be filed in a year, per registration, there is a need of GST Professionals in the market. As per the chairman of CII, GST would lead to rise in country’s GDP by 2% to 2.5%. He categorically mentioned that a study of CII predicted a job creation of 2.5 million for every 1% growth in GDP. “As a result of increasing GDP, overall income of every employee will increase and it will lead to better purchasing power of individual taxpayers,” he said. Thus, more GDP means increase in business and it leads to increase in demand of GST Professionals. As per the latest study, the GST Professionals are getting huge salary hike ahead of GST roll out.

How to enrol as a GST practitioner

Any person willing to become GST practitioner can enrol by making application in FORM GST PCT-1 to the authorised officer;

After examining the eligibility, Authorised Officer will issue the certificate in FORM GST PCT-2.

A person enrolled as a goods and services tax practitioner may have to pass the examination conducted at such periods and by such authority as may be notified by the Commissioner.

Need to expertise GST

Enrolment as a GST Practitioner, needs an expert knowledge of GST. Thorough practical and theoretical knowledge is required to get familiar with GST environment. Right from transitional phase to post GST day to day compliances, GST practitioners will be required everywhere.

We’ll help you become familiar with GST laws

Join our most Intensive Online Certification Course on GST jointly by GST Professionals and TaxGuru. Just 2 classes a week on weekends, 2.5 hrs each for 2 months, 40 hrs detailed course, watch it on your Laptop / Tablet / Mobile in the comfort and privacy of your home and with our best-selling GST book in your hands and get to know about all the intricacies of GST. Learn GST online: so that you remain on-line with GST. Here technology meets knowledge to transform the business world.

So while you dream of making GST as career, we’ll fill the colours in those dreams to make them a reality.

Click here for Registration. Due to heavy demand registration opened till 10th June’ 2017.

Check New GST Rate Chart 2017 here

GST Course Join

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34 responses to “GST Practitioners – A New Career Opportunity”

  1. chander bhushan mittal says:

    dear sir
    i am a law graduate in 2009-2010
    can enrol in gst tax practitioner

  2. Kumar says:

    Sir ,

    I am a science graduate with accounting and tax knowledge. I was working in finance section ( Private sector ) . Can I enroll as a GST Practitioner..

  3. agnishikha says:

    SIR PLEASE let us know the course fees

  4. sourav dash says:

    HI SIR this is s,dash..
    i am a cs professional student,i am also a commerce graduate.also llb pass. is am eligible for gst practitioner

  5. Bitan Purkayastha says:

    Its a good initiative by Govt. of Assam to enroll Professional like me in the GST Practitioner category. Thank you…

  6. N> Gopala rao says:

    ,Dear sir,
    I am an Advocate, and opine that it is not necessary to have GST Practitioner certificate..
    However the course contents may enhance my knowledge and therefore ,pl. let me know the course fee with subject shedule and the manner of online couching

  7. Cherukuru.venkata Ramanaiah says:

    It appears that the GST practitioners course starts from 3-6-17.But if I join now I.e on 10 th or 11rh June ,how are you going to manage the past classes /lessons to continue to understand the subjects ?

  8. Pradeep Kishore behera says:

    Please provide me detail steps for submitting the form GST PCT-1 . Whether it is online or offline submission , please provide me in detail.

  9. Mohd.Naim says:

    Please send detail of fees and Contact No

  10. CHANDRAN K says:

    Dear Sir, Good Morning,
    I have already enrolled in the ONLINE GST Certification Course. I also attened the First Class. Very nice. Regarding registration for GST Practitioner , I am retired from officer Tamil Nadu State government officer as Deputy Director in the Department of Finance. I am initially Science Graduate. But I have passed Book Keeping Test. Originally While in my Service I have Done Accrued Based Accounts Audit. ( DOUBLE ENTRY ACCOUTING SYSTEM) . My Doubt is Can I Enroll for GST Practitioner as per the Act. please Reply for doubt.

  11. Madhusudan Nema says:

    What is in GST about Tax consultants who already registered in state act but graduate in arts with economics or science graduate and they are large experience in tax field. Is it justice that commerce graduate with nil experience are qualify for gst practitioner

  12. Davinder Singh Bharaj says:

    Quite informative article. Should I register myself as a GST practitioner now? Would appreciate your guidance on this.

  13. Jagadish says:

    Dear Sir,

    i have registered in vat department as STP is it necessary to obtain certiticate in GST also


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