As we all know that, across the nation, e-way bill under GST has been rolled out from 16th January, 2018 on trial basis and from 1st February, 2018 for every inter State movement of goods beyond 10 kms having value of Rs. 50,000 or more e way bill is must.

Generating E way Bill by SMS is basically meant for those small tax payers who may not have sufficient IT system and also in case of emergency like night etc. In this write up, generation of e way bill via SMS by supplier shall be discussed. Steps for generating E way bill via SMS:

Step 1.

For generating e-way bill, registration is required, and for that login to e way bill portal i.e.

Step 2.

Click on ‘Registration’, (on extreme left), a drop down will be appeared (like SMS, Android etc.), click on ‘For SMS’, registered number on GSTN will be appeared, click on ‘Send OTP’, OTP will be sent to the registered number , enter the OTP and click on ‘verify OTP’.

That’s how, registration is done.

Step 3.

After registration, now we can proceed with generating the E way Bill. Before proceeding with this, refer the SMS codes (Abbreviations) which is mentioned below.

Suppliers can simply register themselves for e-way bill facility, by simply sending a SMS to the registered mobile number of the State from which you are operating. After sending SMS to the registered number, a reply will be received that E-way bill generated successfully. E-Way Bill No:#### and date is ####’

Format of SMS request

EWBG  TranType  RecGSTIN  DelPinCode  InvNo  InvDate  TotalValue  HSNCode  ApprDist Vehicle

Parameter Description Values/Codes
EWBG E-Way Bill Generate Fixed
TranType Type of the Transaction Codes for Transaction Types

OSUP – Outward Supply,

OEXP – Outward Export,

OJOB – Outward Job Work,

OSCD – Outward SKD/CKD,

ORNK – Outward Recipient Not Known, OFOU – Outward For Own Use,

OEOF – Outward Exhibitions & Fairs, OLNS – Outward Line Sales,

OOTH – Outward Others ISUP – Inward Supply,

IIMP – Inward Import,

ISCD – Inward SKD/CKD,

IJWR – Inward Job Work Returns,

ISLR – Inward Sales Returns,

IEOF – Inward Exhibitions & Fairs ,

IOTH – Inward Others

RecGSTIN Recipient’s GSTIN, as provided by GST or URP if he/she is UnRegistered Person 15 digit GSTIN or URP
DelPinCode PIN Code of the Place of Delivery of the Goods as per Invoice Fixed 6 digit
InvNo Invoice or Bill Number of the Document of the goods 15 digit alphanumeric with allowed special char /-
InvDate Invoice or Bill Date ofthe Document of the goods Date in DD/MM/YYYY format
TotalValue Total Invoice / Bill Value of the Goods 15 numeric value with 2 decimal value
HSNCode HSN Code of the Goods Atleast 2 digit of HSN Code
ApprDist Approximate Distance in KMs Numeric
Vehicle Vehicle Number which will carry the goods AB12AB1234 or AB12A1234 or AB121234 or ABC1234 Format

This request is to generate the E-Way Bill for outward Supply of goods, with HSN 1001, to recipient with GSTIN 29AABCX0892K1ZK, carrying Invoice/Bill No 546 dtd: 17/01/2018 of value Rs 75000.00 to deliver at pin code 560012 through vehicle KA12AB1234 and distance of 234 KMs

# EWBG  OSUP  29AABCX0892K1ZK  560012  546  17/01/2018  75000.00  1001      234  KA12AB1234


EWBG  TranType  RecGSTIN        DelPinCode  InvNo  InvDate  TotalValue  HSNCode  ApprDist Vehicle


Eway bill generated successfully. E-Way Bill No: 1810000120234 and date is 17/01/2018.

Cancellation of E way Bill

E way Bill once generated, can also be cancelled, by simply sending a SMS to the registered mobile number of the State from which you are operating.

Format of SMS request       


Parameter Description Values/Codes
EWBC E-Way Bill Cancel Fixed
EWBNo E-Way Bill Number 12 digit numeric value


Please note:

– E way Bill can only be cancelled within 24 hours of generating the same, once it is verified, it cannot be cancelled.



Mr XYZ of Bangalore, Karnataka wants to cancel the e-way bill generated by him bearing number 1810000120234.


e-way bill is cancelled successfully.

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