1. Why Amnesty Scheme?

The Government has noticed that many person have not obtained enrolment certificate and paid Profession Tax through they are liable to pay the Profession Tax. To encourage these persons to get themselves enrolled under profession tax Act,

ANS. Govt. of Maharashtra has declared an Amnesty Scheme for the persons who have not obtained enrolment certificate yet. Government has decided to take stringent action against the defaulters after the scheme is over. This is the last chance given by Government before initiation of action.

2. What is the period of Amnesty Scheme?

ANS. Period of Amnesty Scheme is from 1st April, 2016 to 30th Sept, 2016.

3. Is Amnesty available for those persons who are already having PT-EC number?

ANS. No, Amnesty Scheme is available only for those persons who have not yet taken PT‑
EC number.

4. Is Amnesty Scheme available for PVT LTD/LTD/Firms.?

ANS. Yes, Only to the extent of PT-EC enrollment and liability thereof, but not for PT-RC

5. What is the last date for Amnesty Scheme?

ANS. 30th Sept, 2016 is the last date for Amnesty Scheme.

6. Can I avail benefit of Amnesty Scheme after 30th Sept, 2016?

ANS. No, 30th Sept, 2016 is the last date for availing Amnesty Scheme.

7. What benefit do I get from Amnesty Scheme?

ANS. On payment of tax for three years, tax of earlier years, if any, and interest and penalty is fully waived off.

8. Can my Interest & Penalty waived after Amnesty Scheme is over?

ANS. No, You need to apply & pay before 30th Sept, 2016 in order to get benefit under Amnesty Scheme.

9 What is the maximum tax payable per year?

ANS. Maximum Profession tax payable per year is Rs. 2500/-.,

10. How much tax I need to pay?

ANS. As per the table below:

SR.No Description Amount In Rs. per
(I) Junior Artists, Production Managers, Assistant Directors, Assistant Reformists, Assistant Editors And Dancers 1,000
(II) Dealers registered under M VAT Act or CST Act whose annual turnover of sales or purchase is rupees 25 lakhs or less 2,000
(III) Persons owning / running STD/ISD booths or Cyber Cafes, other than those owned or run by Government or by physically handicapped persons; 1000
(IV) Permit holder of
a) three wheelers goods vehicle, for which such vehicle 750
b) any taxi, passenger car, for each such vehicle; 1000
c) goods vehicles other than those covered by (a); 1500
d) trucks or buses for each such vehicle; 1500
(V) Co-operative Societies engaged in any profession, trade or calling,-
a) District level Societies 750
b) Handloom Weaver Co-operative Societies; 500
(VI) All others 2500

11. I am Farmer by Profession, am I eligible for Amnesty Scheme?

ANS There is no profession tax on farmer.

12. I am Doctor/Engineer/Advocate/C.A by Profession, am I eligible to pay Profession tax?

Yes, You have to pay Profession tax @Rs. 2500 p.a., Even if you are in Profession from ANS last 8 years, you need to pay only tax amount for last 3 year. Rest of the tax, Interest & penalty is waived under Amnesty Scheme

13. Where Can I get information about Amnesty Scheme?

ANS -You either contact local Profession tax officer or visit www.mahavat.gov.in and you can also contact helpdesk on following numbers: 26591747 / 57 Ext 5309 / 5310 / 5315

14. I am a person running STD/PCO booth cyber café. How much amount I have to pay
per year under Amnesty Scheme?

ANS. You need to pay Rs. 1000/- per year. (Schedule-I, Entry-10 (2)

15. I am physically handicapped person running STD/PCO booth/Cyber cafe, how much amount I need to pay under amnesty Scheme per year as a profession tax?

ANS. You need to pay Rs. 1000/- per year. (Schedule-I, Entry-10 (2)

16. What if, I fail to get myself registered in Amnesty Scheme?

Government is going to take stern action If you fail to get registered in Amnesty Scheme. You will have to pay the entire tax, Interest & penalty from the date of

ANS. Liability. You may also have to face legal action like prosecution if you remain unregistered.

17. I am a person with full blindness running STD both how much amount I need to pay under profession tax?

ANS. Blind person are exempted from paying profession tax.

18. I am a person with permanent deafness, how much amount I need to pay under Amnesty Scheme.

ANS. If you’re hearing impairment is 71 decibels or above, you are exempted from paying Profession Tax.

19. I am handicap person, how much Profession tax I should pay?

ANS If your physical disability is of more than 60 person then you are exempted from paying Profession Tax.

20. I am 50 % Crippled in one leg. How much Profession Tax I should pay?

ANS. If your physical disability is 40 percent or more then you need not pay any Profession Tax.

21. I cannot speak, I mean I am totally mute. How much profession Tax I should pay?

ANS.  If there is permanent & total loss of voice then you need not pay Profession Tax.

22.  I am mentally retarted person, how much Profession Tax pay?

ANS.  If your IQ is less than 50 then you need not pay Profession tax.

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