1. Can the Enrollment Application of a taxpayer get rejected?

Yes, the Enrollment Application for enrollment under GST can be rejected in case incorrect details have been furnished or uploaded fake or incorrect documents have been attached with the Enrollment Application. However, the applicant taxpayer will be provided reasonable opportunity of being heard where applicant taxpayer can present his or her viewpoints.

2. I received an email with Provisional ID from the GST Portal. I had not applied under GST; Has anyone else applied on my behalf?

GST has issued a Provisional ID to all existing taxpayers of VAT, Service Tax, Central Excise who had not enrolled under GST. Don’t worry, login with the Provisional ID and complete your enrollment Application.

3. Can amendments be made after the enrollment application is submitted?

Yes, you can amend the Enrollment Application. To do so, login with valid credentials and access ‘Amendment’ link on Dashboard’. You can amend the Enrollment Application only if:

1. You are able to login to the GST Portal with your credentials.

2. Your Enrollment Application was submitted successfully and you have received an Acknowledgement Reference Number (ARN).

3. The Tax Official has ‘Not’ taken any action on the submitted Enrollment Application.

Once you click on the link, you would be redirected to already Submitted enrollment application. The application will open in editable format for amending fields for re-submission.

4. Can I make any/ all of the following amendments to the Enrollment Applications?

  • Add/Update the registration details of my current registration with Tax Authorities
  • Add Passport number
  • Replace latest photograph
  • Update Residential address
  • Delete a Partner and add details of a new Partner of LLP
  • Remove details of a retired Director
  • Change the mobile number and email of my primary authorized signatory
  • Aadhar Number
  • Change bank account
  • Add/ Update Additional Place of Business or Principal Place of Business
  • Add/ Update goods or services dealt with

Yes, you can amend any of these details.

5. Can the mobile number and e-mail address given at the time of enrolment be changed after enrolment?

Yes, the mobile number and e-mail address can be updated. All communications will be sent to the updated mobile phone number and e-mail address of the primary authorized signatory.

6. I am unable to access “Dashboard -> ‘Amendment”. Why? How do I make amendments?

In case the Tax Official has initiated processing your Enrollment you will not be able to see the link -> Amendment and amend your application.

In such a case, after your Enrollment Application is approved and you are granted a Registration Certificate, you can file the Amendment Application.

Alternatively, in case a Notice Seeking Clarification is raised against the Enrollment Application, you (taxpayer) will be given an opportunity to provide clarification.

7. How will the Tax Official reviewing my Enrollment application know which fields, have I (Taxpayer) updated?

The Tax Officials will only be able to see the amended (updated) version of the Enrollment Application.

8. When will Provisional Registration Certificate be issued?

The Provisional Registration Certificate is available for viewing and download at the Dashboard of the GST Common Portal. The certificate is available to all existing taxpayers.

9. When will Final Registration Certificate be issued?

The final Registration Certificate will be issued after verification of documents by authorized Center/ State officials of the concerned Jurisdiction(s).

10. I have only one authorized signatory; Can I update details of the authorized signatory?

You can update the details of the authorized signatory. In case there is only one authorized signatory, he/she will be the primary authorized signatory. All communications will be sent to the updated mobile phone number and e-mail address of the primary authorized signatory.

11. My PAN is cancelled; I have already enrolled as taxpayer with the GST Portal. What do I need to update PAN in the GST Portal?

The GSTIN is based on PAN. In case PAN is cancelled, you need to apply for cancellation of your Registration under GST.

In case you will be continuing your business, you need to apply as a new taxpayer at the GST Portal with active PAN.

12. I received an email that my Jurisdiction has been updated? Why has my Jurisdiction been updated? Who has updated my Jurisdiction?

In case the Jurisdiction details are wrongly entered, the Tax Official can update the Jurisdiction details in the enrollment application. In such cases, the enrollment application will be approved/ rejected/ asked for clarification by the Tax Official of the revised Jurisdiction.

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