Q-1 What has to be done, if the validity of the e-way bill expires?

If validity of the e-way bill expires, the goods are not supposed to be moved. However, under circumstance of ‘exceptional nature and trans-shipment’, the transporter may extend the validity period after updating reason for the extension and the details in PART-B of FORM GST EWB-01.

Q-2 Can I extend the validity of the e-way bill?

Yes, one can extend the validity of the e-way bill, if the consignment is not being reached the destination within the validity period due to exceptional circumstance like natural calamity, law and order issues, trans-shipment delay, accident of conveyance, etc. The transporter needs to explain this reason in details while extending the validity period.

Q-3 Who can extend the validity of the e-way bill?

The transporter, who is carrying the consignment as per the e-way bill system at the time of expiry of validity period, can extend the validity period.

Q-4 How to extend the validity period of e-way bill?

There is an option under e-way bill to extend the validity period. This option is available for extension of e-way bill before 4 hours and after 4 hours of expiry of the validity. Here, transporter will enter the e-way bill number and enter the reason for the requesting the extension, from place (current place), approximate distance to travel and Part-B details. It may be noted that he cannot change the details of Part-A. He will get the extended validity based on the remaining distance to travel.


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  1. himanshu Mandavia says:

    what if the e way bill has expired and 4 hour window for validity extension has also expired ? How to extend the validity in such a scenario ?

    • KAMLESH SHARMA says:

      hat if the e way bill has expired and 4 hour window for validity extension has also expired ? How to extend the validity in such a scenario ?

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