Jamshedpur Chartered Accountants Society (JCAS) has written a letter to Hon’ble Finance Minister and requested to extend due dates of filing various GST Returns for the month of March for at least 3 months.

Jamshedpur Chartered Accountants Society

E-MAIL : [email protected]
Mobile : 943117621 (P), 8292850001 (S)

Date : 20th April 2021

Smt, Nirmala Sitharaman
Chairman GST Council &
Hon’ble Finance Minister
North Block,New Delhi-110001

Relaxation urgently required in GST Compliance due to outbreak of COVID-19 once again in the whole country

Respected Madam/Sir

We, the Jamshedpur Chartered Accountants Society was formed with the object to assist the professionals and to resolved the common problems being faced by the Tax Professionals.

As you may be aware that the entire country is facing the pandemic situation and it is getting worse day by day. We the professional’s community is also getting effected by it in large numbers. In fact, many of our member’s, their families and the associate working with them are turning positive and it has become very difficult to work in this pandemic situation.

The due dates of filing various GST Returns for the month of March are approaching which needs to be extended for at least 3 months.

GST Annual return GSTR 9 is also not made available for FY 2020-21 and aIso we need clarification as regard filing of GSTR 9C for the FY 2020-21. It was assured by the government in the past that all forms will be available on 1st April of the year but it is not available as yet.

We therefore request you to kindly consider our request and extend the dates.

For: Jamshedpur Chartered Accountants Society

(CA Jagdish Khandelwal)


(CA Anil Agarwal)


CC : Sri Rameshwar Oraon
Member GST Council &
Hon’ble Minister of finance
State of Jharkliand
Ranchi, Jharkhand

Download letter requesting Relaxation  in GST Compliance due to outbreak of COVID-19 once again in the whole country

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  1. Refaquat Ali Siddiqui says:

    कृपया कम से कम तीन माह तक समय बढ़ाने का कष्ट करें


    Request To All # – Government of India – Ministry of Finance -GST Council – #GSTAmnestySchemewithITC and Removal of GST-4 Annual Return 2019-20 CD

    Relief COVID-19-2

    Kindly Extend All the GST Returns, IT, MCA. More than 203 Days Waiting.

    Waiver All the GST Late Fees.

    Save All. India GSTPs, Tax Professionals, Tax Payers and MSMEs.

    GST Portal , GST Netwok Failure.

    19-04-2021 Monday Rediffmail Email OTP Not Received. All the GST Filing Return Pending. Due to GST Network and GST Portal Failure

    Kindly Solve the Problems

    After 2017 To 2021 GST Portal, GST Network Server Problems.

    All Over India All Tax Professionals, GSTPs, Etc Affected.

    Relief COVID-19 1 & 2

    All Over India All the Tax Professionals, All the GSTPs, National Federation of Tax Practitioners, and All the States Federation of Tax Practitioners, Trade Associations Representation to Government of India – Ministry of Finance – GST Council.

    Government of India – Ministry of Finance – CBIC -GST – 2019 Gaja Cyclone, Nivar Cyclone, Covid-19, 6 Months

    Already More Losses, Problems

    Kindly Waiver All GST Late Fees.


    Removal of GSTR-4 Annual Return 2019-20 (Composition Dealers )

    GST Portal ???

    Your GST Portal, GST Network Today Not Working Properly.

    Every Month Different Problems, Various Reasons, Not Filed

    Total Failure in GST Portal and GST Network.

    Kindly Solve the Problems.

    After 2017 To 2021 GST Portal and GST Network Server Problems Continued.

    All Over India All Tax Professionals, GSTPs, Faced Problems

    India – After GST – 2017

    All Our Freedom and Holidays , Festival Days, Destroyed by GST Portal and CBIC Due Dates.

    CBIC Fixed Due Dates on Sunday Holidays and Festival Holidays. Rigid Approach. All the Employees Not Available, Banks Closed, Shops Closed.

    How To Filing ???

    GST Council Meeting..

    Kind Attention CBIC – Relief Covid-19 1 & 2.

    Waiver All GST Late Fees.


    Removal of GSTR -4 Annual Return 2019-20 (Composition Dealers )

    Save All India GSTPs, Tax Professionals, Tax Payers, MSMEs.

    Kindly Relief GST Late Fees.

    Kindly Extend All the GST Returns

    More Holidays, Bank Holidays April 21.

    02.04.2021 Good Friday
    06-04-2021 Election 2021
    10-04-21 2nd Saturday
    11-04-21 Sunday Holiday
    13-04-21 Telegu New Year
    14-04-21 Tamil New Year
    24-04-21 4th Saturday
    25-04-21 Sunday Holiday 2021

    Request To All # – Distance – and Extension GST – Relief Covid-19.

    Waiver All GST Late Fees…


    Removal GSTR – 4 Annual Return 2019-20 (Composition Dealers)

    Save Our Tax Profession, Tax Professionals, GSTPs, Tax Payers, MSMEs.


    GST, GST Portal and GST Filing Returns and Reconciliation Very Complicated.
    More Dangerous.

    Future GST Return Filing ???

    Tax Profession ???

    All India Tax Professionals ???

    Every Day Changes … Dangerous…

    Relief COVID-19….



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