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30.11.2016- As you are aware that the Government has put in the public domain the Revised GST Law on 26th November 2016.

In this regard, please find attached our e-book on Revised GST law containing:

Revised Model CGST /SGST Law

Revised IGST Law

GST Compensation Cess Law

– GST Rules for registration, payment, return, refund and invoices

‘Orange’ colour is used for our comments on key provisions of the Revised Model GST Act and key words in respective sections are highlighted in bold.


As you are aware that the Revised Model GST law has been put in the public domain today.  The Model GST Law is a 190 pager document containing more than 162 sections, four schedules and Valuation Rules.

In this regard, please find attached 3rd Edn. of our e-book on GST (837 pages) which contains:

– Analysis of various aspects of GST

-Model CGST/SGST Act, 20161

– Steps to be taken for being GST ready

– Draft Statutory provisions

– 122nd Constitutional Amendment Bill

– Various reports on GST

– Key News articles on GST

– GST – International Scenario etc

This being a comprehensive compilation of all key GST related provisions, reader can easily perform word search in the document.

How to make GST Bill?

Click here to Download Free E-book on GST In India (3rd Edition)

(The book was first uploaded on 06.12.2015 and replaced with second edition on 01.01.2016 and than with third edition on 15.06.2016.)

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    I own a software company in the UK and we have ambitious plans to leverage our technology skills to provide a modern GST enabled financial solution to Indian businesses. It will be a cloud based solution made available to small businesses completely free of cost. As we speak we are developing the software with the aim to release it in April 2017.

    I have number of queries on GST and would like to retain a consultant to help me with that. Is it possible to have a direct email communcation with you.

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    Our unit is trading material purchase in other country & sales in India but my question is first of present excise duty same parson to customer but new GSt LAW after i will same parson duty yes / No

    Second current our filing return dealer return but GSt Law Act after Filing return name

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    If you remember, last year as on 15.07.2014, you had compiled a law on service tax which was almost exhaustive in many aspects and much appreciated by the community. If you have the same updated, pl upload on taxguru for the benefit of all.

    regards and thanks in advance

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    Sir what will be tax on life insurance premium as of now service tax is 3.90%.

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    I think you have provided only sample, not full book na.

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