No IGST shall be charged on certain items
like medical oxygen, oxygen storage, medical . .
. equipment, test kits, vaccines etc. till 31.08.2021.

FM has also constituted
a group of ministers (GOM) who will
decide other COVID related individual items.
Also they have to submit there report by 08.06.2021.

Important Note:  Exemption is available only if goods imported free of cost for free distribution.


♦ IGST shall be charged on repair value of goods re – imported after repair.

Services to education institution:

Services to education institution

♦ Examination fees charged by national board of examination, similar central & state education board is exempt from GST.

Provision related to land owner promoter :

Provision related to land owner promoter

Supply of service to govt./local authority:

Supply of service to govt.local authority

Condition : In this supply portion of goods < 25% of composite supply. If the above condition is not followed then GST is charged @ 5%.

Provision Relating to Guarantee given by Govt. :

Guarantee given by government
to financial institution for providing
financial assistance to Govt. under taking/PSU

Such services supplied by government to
their undertaking and PSU is exempt from GST

18% GST has been charged on rope way construction services provided to an Government entity.

Measures to trade facilitation relief in late fees:

Measures to trade facilitation relief in late fees

NOTE : Tax payer can file their previous period return from 01.06.2021 till 31.08.2021.

Late fees u/s 47 :

  • Provisions related to form GSTR – 4

Provisions related to form GSTR - 4

Provisions related to form GSTR- 1/3B

Provisions related to form GSTR- 1 or 3B

> GSTR -7 : late fees = 50 rs. per day maximum upto rs. 2000.

COVID -19 Related Relief :

  • Provisions Related to Interest :

Provisions Related to Interest

  • Provisions Related to Late Fees:

Provisions Related to Late Fees

  • Provisions Related to CMP – 08:

Provisions Related to CMP – 08

Provisions Related to MAY 2021 Return:

Provisions Related to MAY 2021 Return

Simplification Related to Annual Return :

  • CA certification not required in FORM GSTR-9C from F.Y. 2020-21 onwards.
  • The filing of annual return in FORM GSTR-9 / 9A for FY 2020-21 to be optional for taxpayers having aggregate annual turnover upto Rs 2 Crore.
  • The reconciliation statement in FORM GSTR-9C for the FY 2020-21 will be required to be filed by taxpayers with annual aggregate turnover above Rs 5 Crore

Other COVID -19 related Relaxation :

  • GSTR -1 due date extended by 15 days for MAY 2021Month.
  • GSTR -4 (F.Y. 2020-21) due date extended till 31.07.2021.
  • 36(4) will be cumulative applicable for the period april 2021 to june 2021 in JUNE 2021 return.
  • ITC – 04 due date for march quarter extended till 31.07.2021.
  • Allowing filing of returns by companies using Electronic Verification Code (EVC), instead of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) till 31.08.2021.

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