No. F.3(352)/Policy/VAT/2013/585-596 ,  Dated :15-12-2014


Whereas, it is mandatory for all registered dealers to inform the Commissioner about any change effected in the registration particulars.

2. Therefore, I, Sanjeev Khirwar, Commissioner, Value Added Tax, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, without prejudice to legal provisions under DVAT Act, 2004 and DVAT Rules, 2005, consider it necessary that the dealer profile of all the registered dealers should be updated.

3. Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by sub-section(1) read with sub section(2) and (3) of section 70 and sub section (2) of section 59 of the said Act, I direct that the registered dealers who have not filed information in Form DP-1 till date, shall file information online in Form DP-1. The dealers who have filed the information already can also update the information through edit facility and attach scanned copy of the signature sheet after getting it duly signed.

4. The information so filed/updated shall be treated as request for amendment in the registration particulars at par with Application in Form DVAT-07/Form 11 and would be accepted as such. However, the dealers who have changed the constitution of their business shall file hard copy of the acknowledgement, generated at the time of submission of DP-1 form online, alongwith supporting legal document(s) in the ward concerned. Other dealers shall keep the acknowledgment with them for further reference.

5.  On filling up/editing Form DP-1, a signature sheet of signatories/authorised signatories should be printed from the web site by clicking on “download signature sheet”. After getting the sheet duly signed, scanned copy of the same shall be uploaded in pdf by clicking on “upload signature sheet”. Thereafter, the complete Form DP-1 shall be submitted by clicking on “submit” button.

1.       The filing/updating process shall commence from the date of issuance of this notification and shall continue upto 31st March, 2015.

2.      Copy of Form DP-1 is annexed with the notification.

3. The notification comes into force with immediate effect.

(Sanjeev Khirwar)

Commissioner, Value Added Tax

Download Format of Form DP-1

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  1. Jatin Khanna says:

    I have changed constitution of my business from proprietorship to partnership and filed DVAT-07 but till date i have not received new RC or form DVAT-08. therefore, there is no change available online. is there is need to file DP-1 again as earlier is filed by Proprietorship and if yes it should be filed now or after issuing DVAT-08.

  2. chandan says:

    I am getting error please upload signature, where shall i upload signature , Their is no option
    when trying to register DSC it gives error Error:Try to register existing certificate.

  3. meenakshi says:

    for otp issue,

    the otp will be sent to the registered mobile no. which can be checked and changed after login. go to ‘more’ options i.e, there in the top right corner, then click login profile, here u can change the no n email id. after changing u ll receive otp on changed number. also it requires approval password to change, so if u don remember that than change from the more – change password option.

  4. Kapil Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are doing the revise dp & Upload the signature Sheet. But We have to face otp Sms Proble. We can’t receive any otp from Department. Kindly help me . …

  5. Kapil Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are doing the revise dp & Upload the signature Sheet. But We have to face otp Sms Proble. We can’t receive any otp from Department. Kindly help me .

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