A clerk employed with the State Road Transport Authority here was found to own property worth over Rs  40 crore. This came to light during a raid by sleuths of the Madhya Pradesh’s Economic Offences Wing (EOW) on Sunday.

Acting on a tip-off, the EOW officials raided three residences of the clerk, identified as Ramendra (Raman) Dhuldhoi, and recovered details of property worth over Rs 40 crore, which is “hugely disproportionate to his known sources of income.” Dhuldhoi, posted in the Regional Transport Office (RTO), owns 49 bighas of land at different places, four plots, a huge bungalow, another house and a hotel, Superintendent of Police Manoj Singh said.

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  1. CA Dev Kumar Kothari says:

    Recently clerks having crores of wealth have come in news. One clerk of Bombay Municipality, and now a clerk of RTO. If the clerks who charge speed money as bribe can garner such huge money, it becomes a big question as to how much can be expected with junior and senior officers and persons elected by public who exercise control over municipalities (politician of local area).
    It is general public feeling that there is lot of corruption in different manner in municipalities – at collection level and at spending level. People feel that there are large number of ghost workers ( paid but no work done by them) and lot of misappropriation of funds and material meant for public services.

    Working 1/3rd of time paid for is another area of corruption. If all people engaged by government and municipalities work for say even 3/4 th of time there will be see change in situation.

  2. Somasundaram Vaitheeswaran says:

    What Anna demands is more than cent percent correct. The clerk’s level itself is Rs.40 crores means, the netas and babus level????? Swiss Banks thrive out of Indians only it seems.

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