1. Introduction

One of the most important assets in business is the employees that are working in the company and having employees who are best at their work is not an easy task. Different organizations have to go through a phase called recruitment which is an initial process used before employee selection and through this process the best candidates are selected on the basis of their experience and accountability (Ellis and Sorensen, 2008). The department of Human Resource is accountable for selecting the best and most appropriate candidates. The process of recruitment is always challenging as it is hard to find deserving candidates from the a long list of applicants so there are divergent departments that have to take part in the selection process so that correct decision is taken by each department and selects the candidate on the basis of their department. The precision of decision is also necessary when it concerns the internal and external benefits (Pulakos, 2010).

The process of recruitment being used by organizations is a systematic process which is associated with the employees with various processes which would include a system that is life-long, based on the logical practice, evaluation of selection and recruitment in regard to the life-cycle basis along with the analysis of skills at job (French and Rumbles, 2009). The process of recruitment cannot be considered as an activity which is critical but its chief tactic in the organization is designing an activity which will aid in providing a staff with talents and staffs competency which will be sufficient to show their capabilities concerning the existence and growth of the organization (Hassan, 2013). The employees will be handled by the manager who has all the needed skills to train and teach the other employees effectually and will give the correct decision related to the process of selection and recruitment in the firm.

The aim of this research is to analyse the process of recruitment and its impact on the performance of organisation in which United Finance Company SAOG as organization. It will aid in knowing the optimum solutions which are needed and the features which will display the importance of the process of recruitment in United Finance Company SAOG.

2. Rationale

This type of research is very essential as it is related to the process of recruitment and selection which is needed in the companies and is the key component which is used by the department of HR. This topic has great significance as it displays that there must be effectual process of recruitment and selection which should be used in various companies so that the output would be positive for the business growth. Major focus of this study is based on this process and the process of evaluation will also show the concept that will ensure optimistic practises of recruitment which shall aid in the employees skill development. The process of recruitment is the process which involves the employee’s selection that is skilled and capable enough to work at the firm with goals that is systematic and organization based.


The aim of this research is on the topic recruitment and how the United Finance Co. SAOG Company recruits its employees.

Rational Objectives:

Below are the objectives of this particular research:

  • To identify the process of recruitment at United Finance Co. SAOG and its impact on organizational growth.
  • To evaluate the challenges which are linked with the process of recruitment at United Finance Co. SAOG.
  • To identify and recommend the factors which will aid in improvement of the recruitment process at United Finance Co. SAOG.

3. Research Question

How businesses set out recruitment process standards?

How recruitment impact the growth of United Finance Co. SAOG

What are key challenges that business faced in recruitment and selection process.

What are methods that United Finance Co. SAOG may adopt to improve effectiveness of recruitment process for sustainable growth?

4. Literature Review

The process of recruitment is used to lure employees and to motivate them for applying for particular jobs and choosing them on the base of their abilities and expertise. The recruitment process is linked with the candidates who deserve it and are perfect for the job in which they have applied (Candice, 2011).

The Human Resource management is the department which is associated with the part of the employee’s selection; they select appropriate and potential candidates which can aid in luring a big group of individuals who can fit in the vacancy of the organization. According to Comale (2009), the process of recruitment can easily attract a large group of candidates and the interviewers who are looking for the correct job as they would naturally apply for the job which is specified to their educational skills. The process of recruitment can easily determine whether the candidate who has applied is suitable for the job or not as their educational skills are also revealed in their recruitment interview (Richardson, 2008).

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