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Discipline refers to ‘Orderliness, System and Code of behavior.’ We can notice the discipline in our surrounding nature also. Animals and plants have discipline. Birds fly in flocks. Bees and Ants work as a team. The upper part of a plant grows towards the sunlight while the underground roots spread searching for water and nutrition. Discipline is also a Science as it has a systematic approach for anything. That’s why we have various, but related curricula classified as one group as a Discipline. Humanities, Natural Science, Political science, etc., are some disciplines to mention.

Lack of discipline among the soldiers led to the fall of great kingdoms. Absence of practice made many champions taste the defeat. The casual approach of students brings low marks in the exams. For want of maintenance, an important trip got canceled due to the breakdown of the car. Any sports body considers the participants’ discipline as more crucial than their achievements. In the recent past, Olympics authority stripped the gold medals of the winners for the sole reason they violated the discipline codes set by the authority. Even an office has a disciplinary authority to teach the erring staff behave properly, or face punitive actions.

Though the discipline is difficult to practice initially, the benefits derived are more. It saves energy, resources and time. For instance, traffic rules represent the discipline for safe and happy travel by all including the pedestrians; any violation of them affects several people directly or otherwise.

Discipline is always misunderstood as ‘strictness’ or ‘rules.’ Actually it refers to a system or set of basic principles for our life. Self-discipline makes a saint. Adherence to such discipline always is the toughest in life. Making others follow such  discipline becomes the most difficult. All great people of the world have one object in common though their approach might have differed. That is discipline only. A person with such discipline is the noblest of all. Here, the discipline primarily comprises the following traits.

1) practice of honesty.

2) exercise of patience and tolerance.

3) readiness to sacrifice.

4) compassion for others.

5) unbiased  approach.

6) humbleness, and

7) simplicity.

Individuals with above qualities lived, and live among us. They are few and far between. They are praised as saviours and revered as Gods. Honorary degrees and awards are conferred by many universities and colleges on such personalities though they had no formal education. So discipline leads to the focus and uniformity in the approach. It enables us accomplish the goals chosen by us. People having discipline with good purpose are respected by all. George Washington said, “Nothing can be more hurtful to the service, than the neglect of discipline.”

Discipline decides our fate. Self-discipline instills confidence and determination in a person, whilst Team discipline results in cohesion and happiness. It brings fame and names to its followers. In fact, the value of discipline is highlighted and exposed to the world.

(Author is a Ex-Banker and can be contacted on [email protected])

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  1. PL Dahra says:

    ‘Discipline’ appears to be not meant for ‘HUMAN BEING’ as we have forgotten the values of ‘NATURE’. ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ will continue to walk side-by-side.

  2. PL Dahra says:

    ‘Discipline’ is made for flouting by HUMAN BEING to facilitate ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ walk side by side. It continues without an end to it.

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