Today, there is no doubt that all humans are facing a situation that was never expected for this generation and has never been faced nor prepared for this epidemic.

We all have a particular life style, Business working Culture and this has depended on each country’s economic and life style model. Governments are running their country on the basis of the said economic model and going towards development with its people.

We have lived our life under lockdown for a month and we have seen that how our daily routine life has changed and also business culture has also changed slightly. Meanwhile, many of our habits have also changed, our behavior must have changed a bit and we are also feeling the effects of all of these on our personal nature.

But what happened to our business culture during this lock down, many things we had learned during this period. We have started working even without many such things, for which we used to think that without them, working is not possible and these are the essential elements for working, In which very first that we need to go office and it is very essential but now we have learned that there are some works which can be successfully done from home and which can be listed out by anyone also that will help us in future.

Apart from this, we can live well without many other things, just need a positive will.

Impact on Business Culture After Lockdown

“Success is always found by the person who sees the future in the present time with his visionary eyes and takes his steps in the same direction.”

No doubt only technology helped to the business houses to run their business during this lockdown and who were already prepared for this online work culture have faced less problems against the others. However, they could not manufacture, Distribute, sales and so many works but they did their work from home regarding accounts, future planning, how they will fight against these situations. IT companies get there many works from home and also there are more other companies which is already prepared for online working system.

Definitely in future many companies will prepare themselves to adopt for more and more online working system and also by this way they can reduce their cost also however it will have bad impact on employment. Whenever technology comes it makes long impact on employment.

There is no denying the possibility that business houses will now prepare themselves in a other way that will minimizes human dependence. Since business houses have seen how health effects on humans can take dangerous forms?  So, will they give more importance to machines than humans, especially the construction work will be done with the help of maximum automated machines.

Retail consumer products sectors or Modern Trade Business in which Best Price, Dmart, Reliance Fresh, Big bazaar, Local Super Market, will have more impact of this lockdown on their working system, hygienic systems and supply system. Definitely companies will try to supply the goods through Direct Door Delivery. To make supplies of goods direct to every consumer’s door it was difficult because of they did not have big supply chain system which reach to them.

In future it may happen that we will see that the above said business houses will use the supply CAB to make supplies to every consumer’s door, hence customer will not require to come at store in this type of situations and how long this situation will remain, no one can say. As government has already said that we have to fight at least 2 years from Corona.

Keep all stores Hygiene – Now the store will have to make ensure that they are maintaining their stocks, stores and employees at most hygiene level. It may happen ISO or government approved agency will cover this and may give special rank on hygiene level of any store.

What we should have to be prepared to save our business

So now we have to think how to protect our business from this corona and the effect of lock down on our business. What we should have to do prepared to save our business and make sure ourselves that plan should be for three- five years at least.

  • Make Protocol to keep Hygiene at Business place.
  • Take suitable technology support in business.
  • Arrange Training programs to use of Technology support in business.
  • Cost cutting in expenses.
  • Make involvement of family members in business.
  • Revenue Estimates – make fresh revenue estimates giving impact of Corona
  • Search new area/ sectors for revenue generation in current business
  • Search Option to add new product which matches with existing line of business
  • Search new product which can be done in your reach’s possibilities.
  • Make Plan how to reach Direct to Customer and give services at customer’s door.
  • Make Sure that your Rate and product quality is very competitive in the market.
  • Keep Professional Approach.

These are just a few points, apart from these, there can be many important steps which you can think about and with the help of professional people you can take your business to new heights in these adverse situations. There are various fields of business and services and every business have their own challenges hence we have to prepare according to that but we have to get prepare ourselves itself today, not the tomorrow.


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