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Anger is the negative emotion a person gets in reaction to the frustration or displeasure experienced. Usually, it happens when events go against one’s  expectations. A family planned for a movie show, but the same was canceled as the father came late. The children got agitated over the disappointment. A General Manager incurred wrath of the boss for the delay in implementing the plan. Even the failure in the interview was taken casually when a person was in a good mood. A sad mind considers the casual remark of a colleague as an insult. It’s customary for the angry person to blame others in the majority of the cases. A normal person can fume for any mistakes, but not a scholar.

Types of Anger:  Based on the time taken for its expression, the anger can be instantaneous or postponed for an appropriate time. Depending on the target, it takes three forms as attacking the opponent, a third person or any object, and blaming the self. Anger consists of two varieties as good and bad. The good one is a win-win situation yielding constructive results to all those involved. The bad type not only demoralize the counter party but damages the self-esteem.

Methods to overcome anger: The anger is the only emotion that affects both the parties connected with the tense situation. It becomes a disorder harming the health and progress in life when an individual succumbs to it. In fact, anger is a sort of temporary madness. It leaves scars in the receiver’s heart, despite any number of sincere apologies tendered by the impulsive person. So, one need to seek the ways of averting this awkward emotion.

The vital five methods are listed here towards this end.

  1. Discard high expectations, but keep faith in others.
  2. Believe in time and patience. Listen to what others say before jumping to a decision. Adopt the time-tested measures like meditation and yoga to restore the calmness and self-confidence.
  3. Accept everything as good for some reason.
  4. A positive approach infuses goodwill in the opposite party. Convey any message in a constructive manner to highlight the significance of even the negative actions.
  5. If the anger still persists, move away from the scene. Remain in solitude or go to a serene place of nature or worship till it dissipates. Seek guidance from the learned people.

One that controls anger is greater than a King. Giving advice is easier than practicing it. We cannot exclude the anger completely as our life rests on faith and favorable expectations. There is no end, but chaos prevails, if everyone gets angry at the same time. It’s akin to the spread of fire everywhere with no water in sight to douse.

(Author is a Ex-Banker and can be contacted on [email protected])

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  1. Suresh Karimbil says:

    Anger is a normal and even healthy emotion — but it’s important to deal with it in a positive way. Uncontrolled anger can take a toll on both our health and our relationships. There are so many ways to avoid anger, but everybody should practice it. Forgiveness is a powerful tool. Practice relaxation technique. Practice deep-breathing exercises, imagine a relaxing scene, or repeat a calming word or phrase, such as, “Take it easy.” You might also listen to music, write in a journal or do meditation — whatever it takes to encourage relaxation. Avoid Ego.

  2. VUM RAO says:

    Anger is generaed in arguments.Instead of fighting who is right find out what is right.This will avoid anger and disappointment besides your happiness is

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