F.No. 354/27/2004-TRU
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Tax Research Unit

28th February, 2004

Sub: Changes in customs/excise duties in respect of iron and steel and coal. 

The following changes have been made in the rates of customs and central excise duties on iron and steel and coal:

(i)  Excise duty on all iron and steel falling under chapter 72 has been reduced from 16% to 8%;

(ii) Customs duty on pig iron has been reduced from 10% to 5%;

(iii) Customs duty on non-coking coal has been reduced from 15% to 5%;

(iv) Customs duty on coking coal of ash content below 12% has been reduced from 5% to Nil.

2. Notification Nos.  44/2004-Customs and 16/2004-Central Excise, both dated 28th February, 2004, have been issued to give effect to the above changes. These changes are effective from 28.2.2004. Copies of the notifications have been forwarded through EDECS and have also been made available on the department’s website.

(Gautam Ray)

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