Circular No. 149/60/95-CX
dated 13/9/95

F.No. 354/13/93-TRU

Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

Tax Research Unit, New Delhi

Subject: Customs and Central Excise duty on newsprint (including glazed newsprint)

I am directed to invite your attention to notification Nos. 133/95-Cus. and 109/95-CE, both dated 31.08.95 which amend notification Nos. 39/94-Cus. and 60/88-CE respectively, as a consequence to the change in the import policy on newsprint, which is now under OGL

2. These amendments have the following effect.

3. On the customs side the exemptions have been made product-specific. Accordingly, newsprint of heading No. 48.01 (i.e. that which satisfies the conditions of Note 3 in chapter 48 of the Customs Tariff) will be fully exempt from basic and additional customs duty without any condition. Earlier, the exemption had periodicals. This condition has now been removed Similarly, in the case of certain paper containing atleast 70% mechanical wood pulp content, the exemption earlier had a condition that it should be of a kind used for printing of newspapers, books and periodicals and should fall under Chapter 48. Now, such paper will enjoy the full exemption from basic and additional customs duty if it fall under sub- heading No. 4802.60 without any condition.

4. On the excise side, the earlier exemption to newsprint  of heading No. 48.01 was limited to quantities authorised by the Registrar of newspapers for India for publication of newspaper  and a certificate to this effect has also to be produced before the excise department. The term “newspaper” was also  defined. With the issue of notification No. 109/95-CE, the conditions for availing exemption from excise duty have been changed because with the placement of newsprint under OGL, the Register of Newspapers no longer issues Entitlement Certificates for import of standards newsprint (which also served as authorisations for excise duty purposes) to newspapers registered by him New sprint of heading No. 48.01, is now exempt if it is manufactured by a newsprint mill registered under Schedule 1 of the newspaper Control Order, 1962 and supplied to a newspaper registered by the Registrar of Newspaper for India under the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867.

(Rajiv Talwar)
Under Secretary (TRU)

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2 responses to “Customs and Central Excise duty on newsprint (including glazed newsprint)”

  1. Govind says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please clarify the GST rate on Newsprint HSN Code 48010090 (for RNI (Registrar of Newspaper for India) dealers & NON RNI dealers)

  2. Vikram Singh Rathore says:

    I want to know about exemption of paper used in printing of newspaper.
    how much percentage exempt on this paper roll.

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