Office of The Commissioner of Customs (General)
Mumbai Customs, Zone II, Nhava Sheva

F.No.: S/3-Gen-92/ 2019-20/IN/JNCH
DIN No: 20210278NW0000888C15

Date: 12.02.2021


Subject: Implementation of Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations (SCMTR), 2018 – reg

Attention of all Port Terminals, Shipping lines, Shipping Agents, Transhippers, Custodians, Freight forwarders, Customs Brokers, Importers, Exporters, and other stakeholders is invited to Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations (hereinafter referred to as SCMTR) notified through Board Notification No 38/2018-Customs dated 11.05.2018 as amended through Notification No 54/2019-Customs dated 01.08.2019, Notification No. 78/2019-Customs dated 31.10.2019 and Notification No.94/2020-Customs dated 30.09.2020.

2. Advisories & FAQs on Registration and Application Process for all Stakeholders, Message Implementation, Guide for filing of Messages/Manifests with the Customs under SCMTR by different stakeholders is available on ICE GATE website under the Sea Cargo and Manifest Regulations link.(https:/ / )

3. Public Notice 23/2019 dated 01.03.2019, Public Notice 45/2019 dated 17.05.2019, Public Notice 08/2020 dated 13.01.2020, Public Notice 92/2020 dated 28.07.2020 issued by Nhava Sheva Customs detail the requirement of priority onboarding/registration of various stakeholders (ASC, ASA, ANC and ATP) & messages/manifests they would be required to file with Customs under SCMTR, and the process to be followed in this regard. A dedicated SCMTR cell is already functioning at Nhava Sheva Customs which is created for resolution of SCMTR related issues faced by various Stakeholders, and acceptance of necessary Bond requirements for successful filing by stakeholders (like National Container Bond by ASC/ASA, National Transhipment Bond by ATP).

4. Considering disruptions caused due to COVID-19 Pandemic and non-readiness of stakeholders, Board had issued Notification No.94/2020-Customs dated 30.09.2020. vide which transitional provisions under Regulation 15(2) had been extended from 1st October,2020 till 31st March,2021 to enable submission of manifests under erstwhile regulations. However as per Regulation 15(1), mandatory filing of different declarations in the new format in a phased manner is provided for as per the Annexure A to Circular No 43/2020-Customs dated 30 September 2020. Different timelines were prescribed so that trade has sufficient time to comply with the new regulations in a phased manner. Further, vide Regulation 15(2), mandatory compliance requirements for submissions of declarations and manifests under the said regulations shall be applied in full effect from 1st April, 2021.

5. As per Regulation 2 (c) Authorised Carrier means an Authorised Sea Carrier, Authorised Train Operator or a Custodian registered under Regulation 3 of the SCMTR. Regulation 3 of the SCMTR mandates that any person who is required to deliver arrival manifest or Departure manifest shall apply to the Jurisdictional Commissioner of Customs for Registration. Regulation 4, 5 and 7 mandate that the authorized carrier shall d(:11 the Arrival or Departure Manifest, as applicable, electronically.

6. The registrations process under SCMTR for stakeholders was initiated on 28 February 2019. Constant efforts and persuasion have been made by Nhava Sheva Customs by way of meetings, web conferences and also during the PTFC meetings. Details available indicate that several entities (ASC, ASA, ACU, ANC, ATP) who are mandated to register under SCMTR, have not yet registered. The list of such entities who have not yet registered is enclosed as Annexure – I to this public notice. All the entities who have not yet registered are directed to immediately register themselves under SCMTR.

7. As per ICES advisories and Annexure A to Circular No 43/2020-Customs dated 30 September 2020 the different stakeholders (ASC, ASA, ANC, ATP) have been mandated to file messages/manifests with Customs under SCMTR (enclosed as Annexure-II). The data available shows that most of these stakeholders are not filing messages/manifest under SCMTR as mandated. Further, necessary Bond requirements (like National Container Bond by ASC/ASA, National Transhipment Bond by ATP) for successful filing of messages/manifests is also pending compliance by several stakeholders. It is brought to notice of all concerned that necessary Bond requirements & messages/manifests, as mandated, should be filed immediately with Customs under SCMTR.

8. Attention is invited to Regulation 13 which provides for imposition of penalty for contravention of any provisions of SCMTR. All stakeholders are directed to take immediate steps for Registration, and for filing of messages/manifests as mandated under SCMTR.

9. For assistance in complying with SCMTR, and for registration and filing of messages/manifests the stakeholders may approach the Help desk at Nhava Sheva Customs. The following officers would be available to guide and help them in this regard.

Raguram K,
Joint Commissioner
Mob: 7506666789
E mail: [email protected]
Pandurang Chate,
Joint Commissioner
Mob: 9819885569
E Mail: [email protected]
K. Mishra
Assistant Commissioner
Mob No: 9920232949
E mail: [email protected]
Neeraj Pandey, AO
Mob: 7506188148
Email: [email protected]
Shankar Kaushik, Supdt.
Mob 7666076716
E mail: [email protected]

(Sanjay Mahendru)
Commissioner of Customs, NS-Gen

Copy to:

1. Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II, JNCH

2. Commissioner of Customs, NS-I/NS-II/NS-III/NS-Audit/NS-V, JNCH

3. Port Terminals, CSLA, MANSA, Transhippers (ATP), CFSAI, CFSs (ACU), BCBA, FFAI, and all other stakeholders

4. All officers in Mumbai Zone II via Website

5. DC/EDI- for uploading on JNCH website

Download Full Text of Annexure-I

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