Government of India

Ministry of Commerce

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi – 110 011.

Policy Circular No. 30 (RE-2007)/2004-2009

Dated: 7th February, 2008


All Licensing Authorities

Sub: Guidelines for grant of benefits under Focus Product Scheme for Export of Handloom Products bearing ‘Handloom Mark’.

Attention is invited to Focus Product Scheme, wherein for exports w.e.f 1.4.2006, all Handloom products bearing ‘Handloom Mark’ are entitled for benefits under the scheme. This is specified in Table 4 of Appendix 37D of HBP v1.

The following procedure shall be adopted for grant of benefits under the Scheme:

1. Exporters shall mention the Handloom Mark Label Numbers, as obtained from ‘Textile Committee’ on any one of the export documents (Shipping bills/Invoice/Packing List).

2. Each piece of export item shall have one Handloom Mark Label Numbers. For example, if 100 pieces of Handloom products are exported; any one of the export documents shall specify 100 ‘Handloom Mark Label Numbers’.

3. RA shall grant the benefits using Focus Product Scheme Code 45, upon submission of such application from exporters of Handloom Products. Any one of the export documents passed by Customs which bears Handloom Mark Label Numbers should be acceptable as proof for grant of benefits under the scheme.

This issues with the approval of DGFT.


(A K Singh)

Joint Director General of Foreign Trade

(Issued from File No. 01/94/180/467/AM07/PC-I)

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