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PUBLIC NOTICE No. 60/2015-2020

New Delhi, the 7th March, 2017

Subject: Deletion of MEIS benefit on Flour, meal and powder of Guar seeds under Exim Code 11061000- regd.

No. 01/61/180/68/AM15/PC3.—In exercise of powers conferred under paragraph 1.03 of the Foreign Trade Policy (2015-2020), the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby deletes MEIS benefit on flour, meal and powder of Guar Seeds of heading ITC(HS) 0713.

2. The existing product description of the export item at Sl. No. 472 of Appendix 3B of MEIS schedule is amended as below with immediate effect :

S. No. of Appendix 3B ITC(HS) Code Description of goods
472 11061000 Flour and Meal of the Dried Leguminous Vegetables of Heading No.07 13 (excluding of Guar Seeds)

2. Effect of this Public Notice: Flour, Meal and Powder of Guar seeds under ITC(HS) 11061000 is ineligible for MEIS benefit.

A. K. BHALLA, Director General of Foreign Trade

Director General of Foreign Trade

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