PUBLIC NOTICE No.  51(RE2012)/2009-14, DATED: 5th March, 2013

Subject: Amendments in the Reward/Incentive Schemes of Chapter 3 of Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14 – Appendix 37A, Appendix 37C and Appendix 37D of Handbook of Procedure (Vol. I).

 In exercise of powers conferred under paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2009-2014, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby makes the following amendment to Appendix 37 D in the Handbook of Procedures, Vol. 1 (Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms) 2009-2014:

2.   The following product is added in Table 1 of Appendix 37D (Focus Product Scheme) after Sl. No. 755 for export made with immediate effect.

Sl. No. FPS Product Code ITC (HS) Code Description Rate Percentage Bonus Benefit
756 756 85287100 Set Top Box /Set Top Unit (STB/STU required for receiving Digital Signals from DTH & Cable in CKD / SKD.


  3.       Effect of this Public Notice: Set Top Box is added in Appendix 37 D at Sl. No. 756 of Table 1.


 (Anup K. Pujari)

Director General of Foreign Trade

[Issued from F.No.01/61/180/0047/AM13/PC3]

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