Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Department of Commerce

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Udyog Bhawan : New Delhi.

Dated : 31st March, 2016

Trade Notice No. 22/2015


All Regional Authorities

All Exporters/Importers

All Export Promotion Councils

Subject : Clarifications on Trade Facilitation Measures

Reference is invited to Trade Notices No. 12/2015 dated 13.01.2016 and No. 14/2015 dated 19.01.2016 wherein the endeavour of DGFT to move towards an IT enabled paperless and personal contact free environment to achieve the objectives of maintaining efficiency, absolute integrity and transparency in the functioning of all the offices of the Directorate in a more comprehensive and complete manner, was stressed.

2. A number of steps were listed in para 1 (i) to (vi) of the aforesaid Trade Notice dated 19.01.2016 in this regard. The main thrust behind enlisting/prescribing these steps/measures being to enable and encourage members of trade to communicate with DGFT offices through email etc. with the assurance that their concerns would be effectively addressed without them having to waste time and resources in physically pursuing their matters and being assured of a response in a prescribed time frame. It was never the intention, as should be clear from a simple reading of the notice, that applicants would be persona non grata in DGFT offices. The notice clearly envisaged a facility for documentary submissions at the reception desk and personal meetings with senior officers to have concerns addressed if applicants still felt the need to do so. In light of reports of the unconstructive interpretation of the notice made in some quarters, it is reiterated that no person is to be denied an opportunity to meet with an officer in any DGFT office if he or she so desires. If the head of the office or an officer of Joint DGFT rank or above is not available at that time, he or she may meet the senior most officer available in the office. An institutionalized interaction arrangement is also proposed to be instituted, as described below.

3. It is also clarified that the above arrangements introduced vide TN dated 19.01.2015 will not interfere with or in any way curtail, including in aspects like requirements related to appearance, personal hearing etc., proceedings initiated under the provisions of the FT (D&R) Act.

4. Further, it has been decided that there will be an open house for applicants between 2.30 PM and 3.30 PM on every Wednesday in all RA offices in a designated meeting room / place. The duration may be extended as required. During this period concerns / pending issues of applicants raised by them will be addressed by the officers / staff concerned who will make themselves accessible in the meeting room. If the officer / staff member concerned is not available on a particular day, the designated link officers / staff member shall address the concerns / issues. To the extent possible the head of the office will preside over the open house.

5. Regional Authorities may implement these arrangements on priority and abide by the spirit of the two TNs dated 13.01.2016 and 19.01.2016, rather than their literal wording, and ensure that official business in the offices is conducted in an upright, fair and transparent manner.

Director General of Foreign Trade
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(Issued from F. No. 4/1/2016/Vig./C14)

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