Circular No. 15/2019-Customs

F. No. 401/243/2016-Cus-III

Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs


North Block New Delhi,

7th June, 2019


All Pr. Chief Commissioners/Chief Commissioners of Customs/Customs (Preventive)
All Pr. Chief Commissioners /Chief Commissioners of Customs and Central Taxes
All Pr. Commissioners/Commissioners of Customs/Customs (Preventive)
All Pr. Commissioners/Commissioners of Customs and Central Taxes

Madam / Sir,

Subject: Forwarding of samples for testing to the Outside Laboratories- reg.

I am directed to refer to the Board Circular No. 43/2017-Customs dated 16th November, 2017 on the subject above cited. In the said Circular, a list of items, the samples of which could not be tested in the revenue laboratories was provided in the Annexure.

2. The Revenue Laboratories have now acquired testing facilities for some of the samples listed in the said Annexure following the up-gradation and induction of more sophisticated equipment. These items are listed in Annexure I annexed with this Circular.

3. Additionally, Revenue Laboratories have also acquired the facility for testing items provided in Annexure II of this Circular.

4. Field formations may therefore first ensure with their respective jurisdictional laboratories that the testing facilities for any particular items listed in the said Circulars are not available with them before forwarding such samples to outside Laboratory(s) listed therein.

5. Principal Commissioners/ Commissioners of Customs are requested to issue suitable Public notice to bring the same to notice of all concerned.

5. Difficulty faced, if any, may be brought to the notice of the Board.

Yours faithfully,

B. Konthoujam


Annexure I and Annexure II attached.


Sl.No. Chapter No. Name of the Samples
1 13 Gum Karaya
2 15 Refine Rape Seed Low Euric
3 17 Molasses
4 26 Lime Stone
Quick Lime
Natural Calcite Powder
5 27 Steam Coal
Solvent C-9
C-9-C-11 Liquid Paraffins
C-14-C-20 N Paraffins
Petroleum Bitumen 60/70
Diesel Oil
Waksol 9-11 A Grade
Thinner Off Spec
Waste Oil/Sludge Oil/Sludge Water/Bilge Water/Stop
Water/Furnace Oil
6 29 Exxsol Hexane Fluid
Neo Pentyl Glycol Flakes
Iso Octanol
7 30 Omeprazole Pellet
Lansoprazole Pellet
Fexofenadine HCl
Esomeprazole di hydrate
Tamsulosin HCl Pellet
Sildenafil Citrate
Ciprofloxacine HCl
Itra Conazole
Pentoprozale Sodium
Divalproex Sodium
Panto Prazole Sodium
Toltuosin Tastrater Pellet
Fluoxetine HCl
CHDR-2, 3
Casigel TMFG S-4
8 32 SO Dyes (Vat Red)
Direct Fast Black B (Jade Black 75%)
SO Dyes Stuff Ponceau-4-R
Syn. Dye Stuff
Acid Green 20
9 38 Micro Nutrients
10 39 PVC Compound
Non Woven Tow Puff Sheets
Insole Sheet
Polyol Syncopol
Exter C1 Z1270 (Polyol)
11 44 Wood Powder
12 47 Soft Wood/Mechanical/Kraft/Aspe n/BCTMP Pulp
13 48 Gypsum Board Paper
PTG Paper
Uncoated Paper Board
Insole Sheet
Electrical Grade Industrial Press Board
14 55 Polyester Staple Fiber
15 70 Glass Bead
16 72 Metal Scrap


Sl.No. Chapter No. Name of the Samples
1 15 Acid Canola Oil
2 27 Lubricating oil
C10-C9 Olifins
3 29 Linear Alpha olefins
4 31 NPK Fertilizers

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