Question: Who can login e-SANCHIT application?

Answer: Only ICEGATE registered users can use e-SANCHIT applications by accessing the e-SANCHIT link.

Question: How can I upload a document?

Answer: Any registered ICEGATE user can upload documents using below steps.

I. Login into ICEGATE website using login credentials.

II. Access the e-SANCHIT application by clicking on e-SANCHIT link provided in menu

III. Upload document by clicking on Upload Documents button.

IV. Validate the document for digital signature.

V. Submit the document by clicking proper document type from document type drop down and click on the submit button.

Question: I am not able to submit the document using Submit Document button?

Answer: Once the document is uploaded, document type is selected and digital signature is verified then only the submit button will be visible.

Question: Am I able to upload documents in any format in any size.

Answer: Only PDF format is accepted in e-SANCHIT application having size lesser than 1 MB.

Question: Am I able to upload any no. of documents at a time?

Answer: No, you can upload maximum 5 documents at a time.

Question: What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded?

Answer: Maximum acceptable file size is 1 MB only.

Question: Will I be able to upload documents having same name?

Answer: No, as per business requirement, all documents to be uploaded must have different name. Uploader should provide meaningful file names to documents so that they can recognize and handle the file more effectively.

Question: How can I attach my digital signature with documents to be uploaded?

Answer: On ICEGATE website, a utility is provided in which user can attached DSC to their document. The web utility is publically available and free. It can be accessed via below link (

Question: Can I use the same DSC for signing documents to be upload on e-SANCHIT which I am using for signing BE and SB documents?

Answer: Yes, the same DSC that is used for signing BE and SB documents can also be used for signing the document for e-SANCHIT.

Question: How can I delete the documents once uploaded?

Answer: Once the document is uploaded then you can see the delete link for each document at same page. However, once document is submitted and an IRN/ DRN are generated, it cannot be removed from the systems. Trade must ensure that its reference is not used in any Bill of Entry/ Shipping Bill.

Question: How to view the uploaded document before submission?

Answer: Once the document is uploaded then you can see the view link for each document at same page.

Question: Can I get any confirmation for document upload?

Answer: Yes, an email/ message are triggered immediately on your registered email once the document is submitted in e-SANCHIT application.

Question: How can I search a document that I have uploaded earlier?

Answer: Search functionality is provided in right side of e-SANCHIT, you can search any document uploaded by using the IRN, DRN, Supporting document types and between a date range.

Question: Will I be able to see other user’s documents?

Answer: No, you can able to view the documents uploaded by logged in user only.

Question: What is IRN & DRN?

Answer: DRN stands for Document reference number, which is the unique reference to a batch of uploaded documents. Five IRN numbers can have one DRN. IRN stands for Image reference number, which is unique to each document. A group of IRN should be entered into the Bill of Entry, not DRN.

Question: What are the other ways to access e-SANCHIT application?

Answer: You can access e-SANCHIT application via ICEGATE website only.

Question: What are the reasons for invalid digital signature?

Answer: You signature not registered on ICEGATE website or you have not signed the document which you are trying to upload.

Question: What can I do if the document format is not pdf?

Answer: Only PDF documents are supported on e-SANCHIT application, you can contact the document issuer for the proper pdf format or the document may be printed and scanned into a PDF.

Question: What are the mandatory documents that need to be submitted online?

Answer: The list of mandatory documents for export/ import of goods from/ into India have already been notified by DGFT notification No. 08/2015-2020 dated 4th June 2015 i.e.

Other documents depending on the commodity imported, notification claimed and Participating Government Agency (PGA) requirement. The Compulsory Compliance Requirements provide an outline of the Supporting documents required for a CTH.

Question: Can one document contain multiple pages?

Answer: Yes, there is not any restriction for page count however the file size should not exceed 1 MB.

Question: How to map Import / Export flat file, with IRN received after uploading documents in e-SANCHIT?

Answer: An option is already there to provide IRN number in RES packages. Please refer to field 14 of the <TABLE> SUPPORTING DOCS in the Bill of Entry message format. You can provide the IRN received while filling job in RES packages and submit the flat file generated as usual.

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