Circular No. 45/96-Cus.
dated 28/8/96
F.No. 605/75(A) 95-DBK
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue, New Delhi

Subject : Customs : Revised norms of execution of Bond and Bank Guarantee under DEEC Scheme

 In supersession of all earlier instructions contained in :- Circular Nos. 52/95-Cus. dt. 25.5.95, 97/95 dt. 14.9.95, 123/95 dt. 4.12.95 & telex F.No. 605/75/95-DBK dt. 25.8.95, the following guidelines are hereby issued for execution of Bonds and Bank Guarantee:

I.  Bond under Duty Exemption Scheme

2.1  Bonds under DEEC Scheme should cover the duty ordinarily leviable on the goods but for the exemption (i.e. basic duty and additional duty leviable on the goods on merits minus additional duty actually paid). For example, if basic duty on the imported goods is 50% and additional duty is 20%, the effective duty recoverable on imports shall be 50% plus 20% on 50% i.e., 80% of assessable value. Since additional duty will actually be recoverable only at the rate of 20% of assessable value (basic Customs duty being exempt), the bond to be executed shall be for the difference between 80% and 20% i.e. 60% of the assessable value. Surety with the Bond should be in the form ofBank Guarantee or Cash Security. A guarantee from a financial institution like, IDBI, ICICI, UTI etc. may also be accepted in lieu of Bank Guarantee.

2.2 The following norms have been fixed for quantum of Bank Guarantee for different categories of importer :-

Category of Importers
Quantum of Bank Guarantee
(a) Super Star Trading House, Star Trading House, Export House and Public Sector Undertaking.
(b) Manufacturer – Exporter other  than at (a) above
(c) Others
100% of duty saved.

2.3  In individual cases where Commissioner is satisfied that a higher Bank Guarantee is justified on account of the risks to revenue and past record of licence, he may ask for a higher Bank guarantee after recording the reasons therefor on the file. For example, a higher Bank Guarantee may be justified in a case where the party has large amounts of duty etc., outstanding against it or has repeatedly been found guilty of evading duties through deliberate acts of omission or commission.

II. Bond under E.P.C.G. Scheme

3.1  Under E.P.C.G. Scheme Bond should be for the difference between the duty leviable on Capital goods on merits and the duty actually paid on importation. The Bank Guarantee / Cash Security or a guarantee by IDBI, ICICI, UTI etc. may be accepted as per Table below :

Category of Importers Quantum of Bank Guarantee Scheme
Bank Guarantee
(a) Super Star Trading House, Star Trading House,
15% EPCG
Trading Houses, Export House and Public Sector Undertaking. (b) Zero Duty EPCG Nil except in case of Export House & PUS


Export House & PUS  Zero Duty EPCG
25%, except where the Committee of Secretaries / EPIC Committee fixes a lower Bank Guarantee / Cash Security.
(c)  Other manufacturer –  exporters
15% EPCG
Zero Duty
(d) Service Providers
15% EPCG 50%

3.2   In cases where lower Bank Guarantee is fixed in respect of Category (b) of exporters by the COS / EPCG Committee the Commissioner of Customs if finds that the importer has committed serious violation of Customs Act or is guilty of evasion of duty, he may refer the case to the licensing authority for reconsideration. Such cases may also be brought to the notice of the Ministry.

3.3  Where an importer so requests, a Bank Guarantee may be taken even consignment- wise under E.P.C.G. Scheme the same may be acceptable but only at the Port of Registration of the licence.

3.4 A bond should not be for less than a period of two years, with an undertaking to keep the Bank Guarantee alive for the entire period of the export obligation viz. 4+1=5, or 8+1=9 years as the case may be. Under zero duty EPCG Scheme, Bank Guarantee may be taken either consignment wise or consolidated for initial period of four years  with an under taking in the Bond to renew the Bank Guarantee. Where Bank Guarantees are not renewed by the importers before the expiry of the existing Bank Guarantee action should be taken to enforce the Bank Guarantee for realisation of the Government dues. Customs House should initiate action to get Bank Guarantee renewed well in time.

4. Where, however, the EPCG Committee / Committee of Secretaries or ALC indicates a higher Bank Guarantee for a particular Licence, the Bank Guarantee should be taken for such higher amount.

5. In the case of subsidiary Company of a parent Company of a recognised status, it has been decided to extend the benefit of joint bond (both by the parent company as well as the subsidiary company holding the licence) along with B.G./Cash Security/ any other guarantee from financial institutions like IDBI, ICICI, UTI etc. The facility, however, will be subject to the following condition:-

(i) The parent company should necessarily have more than 50% share holding in the subsidiary company.

(ii) the bond shall be jointly signed by the parent company as well as the subsidiary company and shall be executed along with BG/Cash security/ or Guarantee from financial institutions like IDBI, ICICI, UTI etc. wherever applicable in terms of criterion laid down. The guarantee shall be in relation to terms and conditions of the Joint Bond.

(iii) The parent company shall stand surety for the subsidiary company that in the event subsidiary company fails to fulfill the export obligation and defaults on payment of Customs Duty and interest, the parent company shall make goods the Government revenue and the interest. In other words the parent company will be severally and jointly liable for the action in terms of the bond / B.G. jointly executed by them.

(iv) This facility should be extended only to those companies which have proven track record and reputation.

6. The above guidelines would apply in respect of goods to be imported in future and in respect of consignments which have arrived and are yet to be cleared from the Customs.

(Sunil Kumar)
Director (Drawback)

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