“Rise of Trademark Applicants for a Better India”

Trademark registration in 2017 and suggestions for trademark applicants

The year 2017 marks the rise of trademark applicants in India. With new companies emerging in the market, getting a trademark for your company has become very important. As trademark distinguishes your business and represents your company, a lot of companies, with firm decisions and objectives are looking forward to register a trademark. A registered trademark is an important asset for your business and it will protect your company’s investment in the brand or symbol.

If, you are going to use and promote the trademark of your company appropriately, it will become one of the most valuable assets of your company. Trademarks help you to build a brand value for your organization. It identifies the services of its products and its source and also helps in the advertisement of your product and services.

In this highly competitive era, where a lot of small size and medium size companies are starting their business, it is very challenging for those companies to flourish in the industry if they don’t build their brand value and register their trademark.  So, getting a trademark registered is very important. You can get a trademark registered very easily as today there are so many trademark registration service providers in India  who could help you obtain a trademark easily.

For registering a trademark, you first need to file the trademark registration application for which following are the requirements.

  • Trademark/word mark or logo image.
  • Details of applicant. Applicant can be individual, firm, private limited company, LLP, OPC or any such separate legal entity incorporated in India.
  • What you want to register: Goods and services
  • Power of attorney to be signed by applicant authorizing the Trademark agent to make an application on their behalf.
  • Affidavit to be signed by the applicant if the trademark is already in use before making an application.

Registering a trademark is a simple process. At first, you need to carry out the trademark search. The very first process involved in registration of your trademark is checking your business name or logo with already registered trademarks. Once you are done with the trademark search and you are certain that your trademark is unique, you can go for the next process which is making a trademark registration application Based on the result of the trademark search, you can draft your trademark application and once the trademark registration application is done, you can start using Trade Mark (TM) symbol.

For making an application of trademark registration (E-filing), the government charges fees of Rs. 4,500/- for individual, start-ups and Small Medium Enterprises and Rs. 9,000/- in other cases.

You can register your trademark both online and offline through various trademark registration services. While, there are a huge number of services and service providers available online, there are also services which you can find offline. A lot of people are not aware of the procedure of applying for a trademark. In, such scenario, a trademark consultant can help you in getting the trademark registered as per your requirements.

Trademark Registration

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