Seeking comments on relaxation of conditions for Project Visa and Employment Visa for SEZ

CIRCULAR [NO. 12/2/2011-FOI],

DATED 5-5-2011

The undersigned is directed to state that currently Project Visa (P-Visa) and Employment (E-visa) are granted to the foreigners coming to India for execution of projects in power and steel sectors and employment and other than these two sectors respectively. For grant of E-visa, there is a mandatory requirement that the foreign national should draw a salary in excess of US$ 25,000 per annum. As of now, there is no such stipulation for grant of P-visa. While this condition has been stipulated to ensure that E-visa are issued only for skilled and highly skilled persons and not for unskilled/semi-skilled workers, it is also realized that this condition should not prove to be a stumbling block in our endeavour to attract more FDI into the country.

It has been realised that while this stipulation would remain to be a guiding factor to operate E-visa regime in general, units bringing large amount of FDI in SEZs could be granted exemption from this stipulation for a few of their foreign employees who are specialists in their respective fields. Department of Commerce would like to send a proposal to this effect in consultation with industries particularly with SEZ for Ministry of Home Affair’s consideration.

You are requested to kindly obtain views of the industry and send the same at the earliest.

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