pri SC slams Delhi Government for filling FIR against Doctor- directs for increasing tests & improving conditions in hospitals SC slams Delhi Government for filling FIR against Doctor- directs for increasing tests & improving conditions in hospitals

Our country has been ruled by the invaders and kings for centuries. As a consequence to this, the present ‘rulers’ have a conviction that the government officials, be them administrative officers or doctors in Government hospitals are meek subordinates to the government without any right to expression, without a heart and without human emotions.

A doctor on duty in a government hospital in North Delhi was deeply grieved and disturbed  by the pathetic condition of the Covid patients in his hospital and also on handling of their dead bodies. He shot their video and shared it on the social media. The ‘ Rulers’ felt insulted, humiliated and belittled for having exposed them. They immediately lodged FIR against the sentimental doctor for ‘exposing’ the Truth and also suspended him.

The Apex Court, which was already seized of matter and hearing about the gross negligence in handling Covid cases and mismanagement in Delhi Hospitals, took ‘suo-motto’ cognizance of the matter and questioned the filing of FIR against the said doctor. The Apex Court on Wednesday 17th June warned the Delhi government as it took note that an FIR that has been lodged against a doctor for video-graphing and disclosing the real situation prevailing in a government hospital.

The Apex Court headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan directed the authorities of the Delhi Government to  “stop harassing him” as the doctors and nurses are corona warriors and they need to be protected. The Court pulled up the Delhi government over cases filed against doctors. “You can’t threaten them for bringing out truth,” the court warned. Coronavirus patients, the court had said, are “treated worse than animals”. Today, the court questioned if the Delhi government’s action against doctors was not meant to “suppress the truth”. “Several videos have come out… You do not want the truth to come out,” the judges said.

Additional Solicitor General Sanjay Jain, appearing for the Delhi government assured the court  that the Delhi government is committed to patient care, managing of dead bodies and would be increasing the number of COVID-19 tests in the national capital and promised that after the recent visit of Union Home Minister to LNJP Hospital, things are being improved.

The top court was concerned towards the poor management of COVID-19 patients and handling of dead bodies told the Delhi government to “redeem all this”.Earlier on June 12, the Apex court while taking note of the reports of “horrific scenes” at Delhi hospital where bodies were being stacked next to coronavirus patients, had slammed the Delhi government for  the “sorry state of affairs” in government hospitals and directed  for “proper adherence to the guidelines” of the health ministry and for giving “due care and concern to the dead bodies”. The Court was concerned  about the fewer COVID tests being conducted in Delhi and had asked the government to ensure that there should be “steep increase in the testing both by Government hospitals and private labs” as “non-testing of the patients is not a solution to the problem”.

The apex court had said it has taken cognizance of the issue on the basis of media reports presenting “horrific scenes from LNJP hospital, which is a COVID dedicated hospital…in its programme on June 10, 2020, has shown certain videos which indicate the pathetic condition of the patients admitted in the hospital and the deplorable condition of the wards.”

It is high time for the state governments to increase the Covid testing facilities in their states and improve the medical facilities to combat the Corona pandemic, mitigate deaths & suffering and to improve the conditions in hospitals by adherence to standard guidelines for treatment of Covid patients. The harrassment to doctors and medical staff should be stopped as they alone are fighting against odds in treating Covid patients to the best of their ability and are real Corona warriors and need to be protected.

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