PwCs report on “Transactions in the Real Estate Sector”

The real state sector is critical to the growth of any developing economy. Likewise, for India, it is one of the most profitable sectors and has attracted huge investments from both domestic and overseas investors.

On the tax and regulatory front, the sector is undergoing a major overhaul with the introduction of various reforms by the government. This has given a much-needed boost to the sector and led to a surge in the growth rate of transactions. However, with the implementation of section 50CA, section 56, GAAR, ECB restrictions, etc., the tax and regulatory regime has become more complex than ever before, making transactions tricky and complex.

Against this background, PwC’s comprehensive report on ‘Transactions in the real estate sector’ covers the various tax and regulatory aspects that need to be considered while entering into transactions in the real estate sector.

It carefully examines the various transaction structures and identifies the key tax and regulatory implications that can prove to be dealmakers or deal-breakers.

Click here to download a copy of the report.


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